Youtubers Mod 1.12.2 and 1.11.2 is a mod which targets Let’s Play fans. It’s for Minecraft 1.8 and Minecraft 1.1.10. This unique mod allows many known Minecraft Youtubers to be included in the game and interact with players. One good thing about the Youtubers is that they are actually gentle and will mostly help you in-game. However, do keep in mind that if you attack them aggressively, they are sure to fight back. Don’t provoke them and they will remain friendly Non-Player Characters (NPCs) in your game.

Youtubers Mod

This fun Youtubers Mod also allows fans of the sandbox video game Minecraft to tame the Youtubers. You can easily do this by providing them with lots of money. Varying amounts of cash means a different success rate when taming the NPCs. For example, if you give a Youtuber $1 million, you are more likely to tame it. But if you only provide them with, say, $500,000.00 or less, the chances are, you will not be able to tame them. So, the higher the value you give to the NPC, the higher the chance that you will gain its trust and use it to your advantage.

Youtubers Mod Youtubers Mod

So why do you have to tame a Youtuber? Well, that’s because you can use them to help you. Also, you can gear them up with armors and weapons. Your Youtuber followers can also use modded gears. But, even if you have geared them up, they are still prone to attacks. Try to remember that the attacks and other special effects they will receive will seem like you are the one who used the gear. The Youtubers Mod also adds special player type mods. These mods are cheaper when you use them to tame Youtubers. As an example, for $10,000.00, you can tame a Youtuber at a 100% success rate. But they are not as strong as Youtubers mods. You’ll also need special Youtuber Skins packs to make them function properly when playing the game.



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