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XRay Mod for Minecraft 1.13.2/1.12.2/1.11.2

XRay Mod 1.12.2 and 1.13.2 free download for Minecraft. It is an amazing Minecraft Mod. Scroll down to see our download links.

XRay Mod 1.13.2 and 1.12.2 Overview

XRay Mod 1.12.2 and 1.11.2 is a very useful addition to Minecraft for when you are mining. This mod highlights different ores in different colors, helping you find valuable gems to mine. You can easily toggle X-ray view with the X key. Each gem/ore has a different color, for example, gold is yellow, with an easy to learn color scheme. Now it’s time to download!

X-ray Mod
X-ray Mod

To use this X-Ray Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2 and 1.11.2 and 1.11, just press X to toggle ON/OFF (key can be set in Minecraft config menu). To edit the Ores and the color just press F6 or F7, depending on the version of the game you use. Then, enjoy!

Update Logs:

  • Updated to Minecraft1.12.2 and 1.11.2, 1.11 and added a method to add blocks by IDs.
  • Updated to 1.11, introduced new selection GUI added added meta-data support.
  • Fixed some Bugs.
  • Added GUI to Select the Blocks.
  • Fixed Rendering.
  • First Release.

How To Install XRay Mod 1.13.2

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge for your Minecraft version.
  2. Download the latest version of XRay Mod from this page.
  3. Put the .jar file into the Mods folder of your Minecraft installation.
  4. Enjoy playing with XRay Mod!

Download This Minecraft ModMap

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