In the world of Minecraft, natural forces are challenging as they make the creative moment look real. Hearing the roar of storms and dodging the dilapidating strokes of tornadoes with your fingertips feel satisfying. With the Weather, Storms and Tornadoes mod 1.12.2, you can finally be one step ahead of the weather, and the skies will not seem so unpredictable anymore.

However, weather mods are not usually patronized by Minecraft players. The state of the atmosphere outside does not matter once creativity strikes, and the mechanics of the game do not change regardless of the weather. You can only be affected by weather and storm fronts mod if you use it simultaneously with other mods. For instance, drops of rain can have an effect on your Realistic torches mod when they are used simultaneously.

Weather, Storms, and Tornadoes Mod

Nevertheless, the hype of weather mods continues to rise as it intensifies the natural environment vibe of the game. Here’s what the Weather, Storms and Tornadoes Mod do to add a layer of realism to the game:

Take your pleasure from the view as you can now witness the forming rain and nasty storms coming in from a distance.  Observe rain clouds as they build up moisture from water and other wet biomes. To make it look scientific, the stormfront system uses biome temperature differences to create unpleasant storms. Keeping things intense, there’s also a machine block that can create different types of storms in a specific location.

Improved Graphic State of the Atmosphere

To create a fuller effect, vanilla clouds that were replaced with particle-based blocks shift and swirl around. Rain and snowfall also sway based on the direction of the wind. Storms are also enhanced, complementing the falling leaf particles and intensified waterfall effects. The sound of waterfalls roars as the storm approaches. As for the waves, you can adjust its base, wave height, and frequency so can enjoy surfing.

Weather, Storms, and Tornadoes Mod

The smooth gradual buildup of snow was improved. Lastly, sandstorms can be spawned in deserts as it builds up layers of sand. This type of occurrence creates intense fogs and particle action; however, this requires CoroUtil. Instead of appearing out of nowhere in normal Minecraft, you can now observe the formation of clouds by looking up.

Professional Weatherman

Various tools to predict and control weather are developed in this mod such as deflector blocks, wind vanes, anemometers, and forecast blocks. A deflector block destroys storms within a 150-block radius while forecast block projects active storms on a grid.

Weather, Storms, and Tornadoes Mod

Wind vanes are used to show the direction of the wind, and this model was made by Razz of Decocraft. Anemometers show the speed of the wind. Moreover, there are user-friendly GUI available to enable or disable features. It also comes with advanced options.

Weather, Storms and Tornadoes Mod Quick Forecast

To develop a more brimming effect, the previous updates of Weather, Storms and Tornadoes mod focused on fixing various bugs with moving blocks and more efficient rendering. An exciting extreme, the firenado was added; however, it is only spawnable via “/weather2 storm create firenado.”

Furthermore, extended storm system includes five stages of increasing intensity which depends on your preference. Storms with high intensity can rip up terrains and toss them around. The highpoint of this event are naturally spawning spouts, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

You can now control extreme events conveniently to remove visual hassles or intensify the aura of the game. A series of tornado, hail storm, and hurricanes can be tweaked by your fingertips. Developers continue to enhance and maximize the effects per event, and innovative blocks are created to counter extreme events.

Weather, Storms, and Tornadoes Mod


All in all, the Weather, Storms and Tornadoes mod contributes to the fullness of the game. It adds eventful particle movements to satisfy the mood of the players. Even though it doesn’t have a huge impact to the game, it creates a convincing environmental condition to gratify the play’s survival ambiance.


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