Tired of pig and horse travel? Here stands the Vehicular Movement Mod 1.12.2 and 1.11.2 with more than 37 awesome vehicles ranging from a zamboni to a shopping cart. This is not all that complete yet so expect a few issues. Also the flatbed is kinda small compared to the other cars. The vehicles function as any mount in the game except they are much faster. They’re a little bulky but that won’t stop you from getting around easily. They are very simple to drive and don’t break from simply bumping into a wall. They do have damage though so be aware if you fall from a great height, you may lose your car.

Vehicular Movement Mod
Vehicular Movement Mod
Vehicular Movement Mod

They will drive on any surface and even up blocks so long as the path is only one block height difference from the previous block. This makes scaling mountains a breeze. But obviously they will travel best on well laid roads. You can drive the cars through water to a certain depth but spending too long in it or too deep will ultimately destroy it. Still makes for quick travel across shallow bodies of water. Vehicular Movement Mod is certainly a great alternative to regular mounts in Minecraft as the cars are surely much faster than animals. Have a safe trip!

Update Logs:

  • Added colored vans.
  • All vehicles aside from the shopping cart now produce engine rev sounds when moving.


  1. Just a note – If you didn’t recognise yet, the 1.8/1.9 link is not there, please add this!
    Otherwise my laptop is just not showing it up.


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