Über-X Resource Pack 1.13.1 and 1.13 is a popular download in the Minecraft Resource Packs category.

Über-X Resource Pack 1.13 Overview

There is good news to Minecraft gamers everywhere – Über-X Resource Pack 1.12.2! Minecraft is truly an addictive game. With its unique gameplay, gamers all around the world became instantly hooked. Most Minecraft gamers will agree that playing it with improved graphics tends to level up the game. In order to accomplish this, you have to install a resource pack.

Über-X Resource Pack: Great Graphics on a Low-End Computer

However, most PCs used by gamers lack the power and capability to run these memory- and power-intensive resource packs. This leaves gamers to stick with the graphics their computer has to offer. With Über-X Resource Pack, you can step up your Minecraft gaming to the next level.This resource pack is designed to bring awesome detailed texture and graphics for Minecraft gamers with low-end PCs.

Most resource packs available today make use of shaders to enhance Minecraft’s graphics. This enables to create a smoother texture which in turn creates a more realistic effect. But this method requires a powerful high-end PC and cannot be played on low-end PCs.

Über-X Resource Pack: Great Graphics on a Low-End Computer

This is where Über-X Resource Pack comes into the scene. It provides good-quality graphics without using resource pack shaders. It brings fluid animations and vibrant colors to your Minecraft gaming that can run on low-end to average PCs.

Über-X Resource Pack gives opportunity to longtime and newbie Minecraft gamers to get all the fun and excitement in their journey in the world of Minecraft.


The resource pack perfectly combines the vibrant colors and shadings with neat and fluid animations creating beautiful images to your gameplay. This combination also made awesome graphics to terrains making it closer to reality.

Über-X Resource Pack: Great Graphics on a Low-End Computer

Even the sky was improved. It now has a much more realistic visual especially during sunsets and sunrise.

The lighting in this pack was also executed perfectly. It properly blends with the texture and 3D effects to create stunning visuals for the game. The lighting was able to accent the visuals, and proper shadowing was done correctly.

The animations are also topnotch. It gives fluidity to some of the aspects of the game. It even transformed the water in the game which looks like blocks moving around into a fluid more realistic form.

Über-X Resource Pack: Great Graphics on a Low-End Computer

All these enhancements are achieved without the use of shaders making it possible for every gamer out there without high-end PCs to really step up their game.

This can guarantee to make your in-game experience more immersive and memorable.

It has a resolution of 64x that is good enough to improve Minecraft’s graphics without the need for shaders and high-end PCs. This is what separates Über-X Resource Pack from other resource packs out there. Some even require shaders and high-end PCs but cannot deliver the nice visuals this resource pack can give.

Because of the great benefits and little hardware requirement it needs, it caught the attention of Minecraft gamers around the world.

Future Updates         

Über-X Resource Pack: Great Graphics on a Low-End Computer

For the future updates, nothing is yet announced about this awesome resource pack. Currently, it is at 80% completion. This is something that fans of the resource pack should look forward to.


Über-X Resource Pack: Great Graphics on a Low-End Computer

Overall, Über-X Resource Pack is the best choice for Minecraft gamers out there who are looking for a resource pack that enables great and realistic graphics. This is also designed for those gamers without high-end PCs. Having this wonderful resource pack will truly add enjoyment and new excitement in your journey inside the world of Minecraft.


  • Does not require a high-end PC
  • Improves the game graphics drastically
  • Very easy to install


  • Not yet complete, only at 80%

Über-X Resource Pack Installation Guide

You can easily install Über-X Resource Pack 1.11.2, 1.10.2, 1.13.1 and 1.13 using its automatic installation tool. Just click on the download link below and start installing Über-X Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.13.


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