A mod is an upgrade or an additional feature used for a game like Minecraft, which allows the player to enjoy the game at a whole new level. Without mods, a game would become uninteresting and monotonous. A gamer would easily tire of the game within a short time span. There are different types of mods and each one has its own unique feature and benefits to the gamer.  One useful mod that is essential in Minecraft is the Totemic mod 1.12.2.

The main objective of mods is to maintain the game’s evolution and to keep gamers interested to find more things to like about the game. Minecraft has a huge amount of space where gamers can roam around and get valuable gems, materials, and other items to help them survive. Totemic mod is created to put dynamics in the game and make it realistic. Totemic mod is based on the use of Native Americans’ totem poles, which they believe creates energy and provides power.

What is a Totemic Mod

Totemic Mod

This is a totem pole crafted with available materials and is a central figure in ceremonies.  The totem pole allows you to manipulate the world and provide strong effects when you dance around it and play music to it using different musical instruments. It signifies the Native American tradition and belief. A totempedia is needed to begin creating a totem pole, and is vital in the use of a totemic mod.

How to Craft a Totemic Mod

The Totemic mod is carved from red cedar wood. Therefore you should know how to create the wood by creating the cedar metamorphesiser. This is the temporary way to create cedar wood. It enables you to create a red cedar sapling.

For you to be able to carve the wood and create a totem pole, you must also have a Totem Whittling Knife. You could build a Totemic mod on 7 different designs, which are all based on animals.

A totem pole consists of the base, or the totem base. You would need your Totem Whittling Knife to carve and form the base. You can then create 5 totems made of red cedar and stack them on top of each other.

It is also important that you understand how the totem will effectively work. A totem should be positioned near plants as it draws power from them, and it enables the totem to function and provide its effects.

What are its Effects

Totemic Mod

A Totemic mod is capable of doing the following effects; Horse, Bat, Blaze, Ocelot, Squid, Spider, and Cow. The Horse is capable of giving nearby players some speed. The Bat enables you to fall without any significant damage. The Blaze gives you resistance to burning. The Ocelot holds nearby creepers so that they will not explode.

The squid gives you ability to breath under water, and the Spider allows you to climb walls. The last effect is the Cow. It slows down other nearby players.

Totemic Mod

The future of Minecraft and mods are limitless. Game developers continue to get feedback from gamers as to what changes to the game they would want to see next. The most significant updates to the game would be its java version update and the unifying of all game console versions.

Mods create a different experience to gamers. Therefore, mods like the Totemic mod are essential for the continuous development and advancement of the game. It creates challenges to the game essential in gamers’ continued enjoyment, which is essentially why the game was developed in the first place.


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