Thut Essentials Mod is a server utility mod delivered by Thutmose. It is practically everything you would want from an essential claiming build which you can use from the ground up on forge. It delivers numerous features that are sure to be useful as you build your game. This mod does not need to be installed on the client side as all commands and claiming should be done on the server side. So, if you are looking around for a utility mod that can help you with your Minecraft build on the server side, Thut Essentials is certainly worth checking out.

Thut Essentials Mod

Thut Essentials Mod 1.11 implements a number of commands that will allow you to do vital tasks within the game. These commands include being able to view private messages of players on your server and keep staff chat private. You can also manage the players’ home within the game. Commands delivered by this mod will let you manage homes more efficiently by giving you a list of players’ homes. You can even set and delete these homes for whatever reason you may have. Other commands also allowyou and other players to do various tasks such as healing themselves and others, repairing items on hand, and setting fly modes.

Thut Essentials also delivers commands for claiming. These include claiming entire chunks and seeing who owns the land you are standing on. With such highly useful commands available, you will find yourself enjoying the features this mod has to offer. Thut Essentials is forge-based. So, make sure to have the appropriate forge version installed to have no problems with the build. Installing it is also easy. Download the Thut Essentials mod and transfer the file to the ‘mods’ folder. Open the game and make sure you are set on forge profile. The only thing left to do once these steps are completed is to enjoy the game.



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