Switch Bow Mod 1.13.1 and 1.13 is a popular download in the Minecraft Mods category.

Switch Bow Mod 1.13 Overview

Level up your marksman game using the Switch Bow mod 1.12.2 by White Darco. If you have always used the default bow, you probably have noticed that it has very limited functions that greatly affect its usefulness. You cannot automatically reload arrows in your inventory. Therefore, you have to do it manually. This is a real inconvenience especially when you are facing aggressive mobs. The Switch Bow mod solves this problem. Now you can just focus on honing your archery skills.

This bow mod offers a lot of great options when it comes to arrow types, but that’s not the only part where you have the freedom to choose. Using the mod, you can pick your preferred weapon and quiver and be a step closer to becoming the greatest marksman in Minecraft.Switch Bow Mod

  1. Switch Bow

This bow is an improved version of the default bow that lets you choose the type of arrow to use with just a scroll of the mouse. You can also shoot faster by enchanting it with “Pull-speed.” Here’s how you can craft one.

2. Switch Crossbow

Look tough with a switch crossbow and shoot more arrows with its ability to be enchanted with “Reduce Cooldown.” It’s a little expensive to make, but with its nice visuals and functions, it’s definitely worth it.

3. Arrow Dispenser

Last but not least in the Switch Bow mod weapon options is the arrow dispenser. If you’re playing survival mode and you need a more hardcore weapon to fire your awesome arrows, you can craft an arrow dispenser. It functions as a stationary machine gun, and it can be calibrated depending on the situation so you can either fire more arrows, increase or decrease range or change the shooting angle.

4. Quivers

Say goodbye to the tiresome reequipping of arrows with quivers that can holster up to nine stacks of any arrow. You can only use this with switch bows and crossbows, and it automatically reloads your weapon with arrows. It also lets you easily pick the type of arrow that you want to shoot.

Switch Bow Mod

If, after mastering the art of archery, you think you will need more than nine stacks of arrows, then it’s time to upgrade your quiver to a big quiver. It can hold up to 18 stacks of arrows. Now you can double your ammunition and never worry about having limited arrows at hand anymore.

5. Arrows

Now that we’ve thoroughly discussed the cake let’s talk about the cherry on top. To complete your set up and get you ready for the big fight, you will need arrows. There are situations when you will need more than just the regular arrow, and this is what’s exciting about the Switch Bow mod. Before we go into detail, here’s the list of arrows in the mod:

  • Protector-Arrow
  • Knockback-Arrow
  • Bouncy-Arrow
  • Arrow of the Searcher
  • Triple-Arrow
  • Burial-Arrow
  • Chorus-Arrow
  • Sprinkler-Arrow
  • Dragon-Arrow
  • Thunder-Arrow
  • TNT-Arrow
  • Frost-Arrow
  • Air-Arrow
  • Teleport-Arrow
  • Vampire-Arrow
  • Wither-Arrow
  • Torch-Arrow
  • Underwater-Arrow
  • Reinforced Arrow
  • Fire-Arrow
  • Bone-Arrow
  • Luck-Arrow
  • Redstone-Arrow
  • Sliver-Arrow
  • Love-Arrow
  • Love-Arrow (AOE)
  • Rocket-Arrow

It is evident that the developer gave the Switch Bow mod a lot of effort to make just by looking at this long list of arrows.Switch Bow Mod

The thunder-arrow is one of the coolest because it strikes a lightning bolt on the target upon contact.

If you’re an animal breeder, you can shoot two animals with the love-arrow, and they will make love and reproduce. If you are being chased by an angry mod, this arrow will also make them fall in love with you and stop attacking.


The Switch Bow mod is a must-have if you wish to put more action in your game with the use of bow and arrows. There are a lot of awesome arrow effects, and your imagination is going to be your limit.

Switch Bow Mod Installation Guide

You can easily install Switch Bow Mod 1.11.2, 1.10.2, 1.13.1 and 1.13 using its automatic installation tool. Just click on the download link below and start installing Switch Bow Mod for Minecraft 1.13.


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