The earlier game version of Minecraft is quite easy if you have been on the game for quite some time. For beginners, there are hardly any difficult challenges or stages you are going to face. This is because the gameplay is configured to work in a way that the early versions of Minecraft have minimal to no difficult moments.

What would a game of Minecraft be without the fun and challenge? With the new and updated versions coming, players are given more options and control over how they want to run the game. Some Minecraft players want to step up their game a bit and seek for a more challenging level. If you are one of these seeking an exciting adventure, then the Survivalist mod 1.12.2 is definitely for you.

Survivalist Mod

This mod configures the early game that sets it in a way that generates a more demanding play. At the same time, the game settings are still set to not make the game overly taxing. Players do not necessarily wish to stress themselves out for the sake of it. Besides, where’s the fun if you’re playing a game you know you can finish with your eyes closed? Survivalist mod is quite frankly a well-thought mod that would leave you feeling impressed and would change your gaming habits.

Mod Specs and Settings

The Survivalist mod does not necessarily make an obvious change to the gameplay. Rather it focuses on the technical aspect. For example, it makes item acquisition difficult to purchase or puts a limit on the number of objects you can craft.

When you want to craft sticks from planks, the settings change it to make the player have to manually break planks on the chopping blocks. Chain mails are also difficult to collect; you still need to make iron nuggets to put together the chain mail pieces. When you walk down a narrow and dim pathway, you have to have a torch. The mod creates a setting that makes the torches break easily, forcing you to go back and light another.

As previously stated above, the configuration settings do not necessarily make physical changes within the gameplay. The goal of the Survivalist mod is to put a pressure on the game to make it seem challenging.

Game for the Thrill-Seekers

This mod offers a great set of challenging levels that would leave you on your toes. The game changes mentioned are only some of the new additions to the game. Needless to say, if you are the adventurous type that seeks a more thrilling game experience, perhaps this mod should be installed in your PC.

Survivalist Mod

Many Minecraft players have tried the Survivalist mod, and there were no major issues upon installation. The gameplay smoothly blends with your current application and does not take up too much device storage. The newer play of this mod offers an updated version and fixed bugs.

Future Updates and Features for the Mod

Here are the planned future updates and features for this mod:

  • Sticks will no longer be crafted using planks. It should be manually broken in the chopping block.
  • Torches can be uncontrollable and have a tendency to set things on fire.
  • Drying racks may turn meat too saturated and leather into tanned one.
  • JEI integration will now show input and output drying time.

Mod Changelogs

As the newer version of this mod is finally released, the following are the major reports on the settings’ changes:

  • Fixed-up recipes, imported recipes, and removed recipes to pair with the 1.12 JSON recipe system.
  • Included a more advanced recipe unlocking option to provide a guide for players. This includes removal and reduction of some features in the configuration


Survivalist mod is an easy-to-play feature of Minecraft. You can download this via Minecraft’s official website. Before doing so, you must know first that any modifications, resource packs, or maps are not hosted on this website. The original download links are safe and secured. Newer versions can be uploaded without prior notice or notification to the users.

Survivalist Mod


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