Squeedometer Mod 1.12.2 and 1.11.2 may not suit every player of Minecraft, but it can be useful for those who feel like a speedometer can improve their experience of the sandbox video game. It entered the market in August 2014, and for almost three years now, there is a considerable number of approximately 12,500 downloads for Squeedometer,  a number that could relatively be low when compared to the other Minecraft mods. As its name suggests, the Squeedometer mod functions as the game’s speedometer to guide its players on the speed of their travel while in the Minecraft world. The mod was designed so that it can be seamlessly integrated into the players’ screens while playing the game. While in use, the Squeedometer Mod will seem like one of the normal or inherent components of Minecraft’s HUD.

Squeedometer Mod

After downloading the Squeedometer Mod, you will be able to see a speed reading on the HUD. This reading represents the traveling speed of the character you control in the game. It is significant that the Squeedometer Mod operates with precision in finding out the speed of travel and the value you see also changes as you change your mode of transportation. Depending on what mode you will choose, the value will either be high or lower. Squeedometer’s functionality can be optimized if used with other mods like Squake. It is simple and provides speed information accurately to the player; nothing more and nothing less.

Squeedometer Mod

Yes, the Squeedometer Mod is simple and straightforward as it is also user-friendly. It does not affect game performance, and so this can be used any time without the hassle, even if you play Minecraft on a computer with outmoded hardware. It remains reliable even at that state. It is simply a mod that can be used by Minecraft players to measure the speed of their chosen character when it moves around or travels within the Minecraft world. Playing the game, especially when you are traveling, is, however, incomplete without implementing the Squeedometer Mod because it can enhance the player’s travel experience.


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