Sound Filters Mod is a mod that improves the default sounds of the game. You may have experienced how frustrating the simple sounds of vanilla can be. Since it does not change much, you have probably made some mistakes in the game due to the sounds that did not have much detail. For example, you might have ended up running away from the sound of a mob that was actually underneath you and go straight into another more dangerous enemy. This is because vanilla does not really deliver the sounds in such a way that you can distinguish where they are actually coming from.

Sound Filters Mod Sound Filters Mod

Sound Filter Mod 1.11 implements useful sound features that are quite handy to have in the game. For example, if you were walking in a cave, you can now tell if the mob close by is in the cave, as well, or perhaps above you. You will not end up fleeing when there is absolutely nothing to run from. It implements realistic sound effects. So when the sound is coming from the other side of the wall, it will be muffled because of the solid mass between you and whatever is making the sound. You will also notice other features such as reverberations and sound absorption.

Sound Filters Mod Sound Filters ModOne other feature that you will truly love about the mod is the way sound begins to adapt to the environment. If you are indoors or in a cave, you will hear echoes of your footsteps or mining activities. When you are underwater or submerged in lava, sounds become muffled. What you get are sounds that actually simulate how they would be generated in real life. So, if you are tired of how vanilla sounds like, then this would be a mod worth giving a try.  Sound Filter is forge-based so make sure you have the recommended forge version installed to have a seamless installation. You will also be happy to know that it is compatible with other forge-based mods.


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