Not all that are old or obsolete are worthless, useless, or cannot be entertaining anymore. Sometimes the earlier versions of a thing are more pleasing than the latest. In the world of Minecraft, this can be considered true on some resource packs they have released.

The Snowie’s Faithful Resource Pack 1.12.2 is considered one of the oldest because it was released for over 5 years ago now. But even though this resource pack has been released for quite a while now, it is still not that popular.

snowies faithful resource pack

After all those years that passed after this resource pack was released, the pack has only reached only over a thousand download. But its popularity should not affect your views on the quality of the pack. It is definitely an exceptionally well-designed resource pack that players should consider checking out. It has now its latest updates that make it compatible to the latest version of Minecraft.

Resource Pack Specifications

Snowie’s Faithful Resource Pack is designed to help with the enhancement of textures in Minecraft. While it is enhancing the textures, it also makes sure that there will be no drastic changes made to the original art style of the game. The developers believe that the style of the game is what defines it throughout the years, so it should not be altered at all. And this Snowie’s Faithful Resource Pack has been successful in this goal.

This pack features an incredible level of texture, and it shows minimal to zero texture’s noise. It also has a vibrant color palette, and the smoothness of the items looks amazing. In general, the visuals offered by this pack are quite nice.

snowies faithful resource pack

However, some textures need more improvements. However, if the pack is rated as whole, players who have tried it can prove that it is a high-quality constructed resource pack. Other players who have not tried this pack should not be afraid to try this one out. This is perfect for players who are looking for a firm resource pack that will stay faithful to the vanilla art style of Minecraft.

Snowie’s Faithful Resource Pack has a 32×32 solution that is one step higher than the standard 16×16 resolution. This may be the major reason why this pack’s textures offers more detail than those resource packs with standard resolution.

There may be disadvantages in the Snowie’s Faithful Resource Pack, too. Minecraft players might have performance issues if they are playing the game on a low-end computer.

Aside from those mentioned features of this resource pack, it can also support many kinds of mods like Build Craft, Backpacks, and Computer Craft.

Snowie’s Faithful Resource Pack has added several block textures, and these includes concrete, concrete powder, shulker top, yellow glazed terracotta, purple glazed terracotta, magenta glazed terracotta, light blue glazed terracotta, white glazed terracotta, brown glazed terracotta, black glazed terracotta, lime glazed terracotta, blue glazed terracotta, orange blazed terracotta, cyan glazed terracotta, and pink blazed terracotta.

snowies faithful resource pack

It has also added the Knowledge Book item texture and the Beds and Illusionist entity texture. Aside from those, the resource pack has added GUI textures like Advancements, Toasts, Recipe Background, and Recipe Book. The Leaves ctm overlay texture was also one of the pack’s additions.

Future Updates

As of now, there are no announcements about updates on this pack. But surely, there’ll be one soon.


The pack did not only add textures but it has also changed some of the existing ones. It has changed block texture of the observer front, wool, structure block, cactus bottom, ladder, rails, ores, logs top, TNT side, grass path, snow, cake side, and shulker tops. Aside from changing some block textures, the pack has also changed some item textures, entity textures, GUI texture, realms texture, map texture, and particle texture.

snowies faithful resource pack


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