ShieldHider Mod 1.12.2 and 1.11.2 is highly recommended because it does not interfere with your current mod preferences. Every Minecraft player who has been using mods for their Minecraft client for quite some time is expected to be familiar with mods that make very small seemingly insignificant changes to the game. These mods eventually make unbelievably positive impact on the gaming experience. One of the mods that belong to this category is ShieldHider Mod. Once you have ShieldHider Mod installed, it will begin to feel just like you are playing Minecraft naturally. In addition, it tries to get rid of a very big issue among Minecraft players. That is the reason why you should never pass up on this one.

ShieldHider Mod for Minecraft

What ShieldHider Mod does when it is equipped is that it lowers the Minecraft shield. It does this in order for the shield not to consume too much screen space. One can see the intrusiveness of these shields especially in vanilla Minecraft. This makes many players struggle when engaged in combat scenarios as shields in vanilla Minecraft would take too much screen space. However, it is a very good thing that ShieldHider Mod would be able to deal with all these problems with one simple but impactful change. With ShieldHider Mod, you can use the lower shield to have a much wider perspective when playing Minecraft. This way, you will be able to respond fast when you see a foe walking up to you and begins wailing.

ShieldHider Mod for Minecraft

What is good about ShieldHider Mod is that it is fairly customizable as you can fine-tune its functions based on your preferences. With four different modes, there is a corresponding change according to how the shield is viewed. The first mode is just similar in specifications to the vanilla Minecraft. The second mode lowers the shield when being held. The third mode causes the shield to lower and even while blocking. The fourth mode hides the shield totally from view. In this way, you can have a full view of your immediate surroundings. This makes ShieldHider Mod an essential that you should never take for granted.


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