Scaling Health Mod is a mod that lets you adjust the difficulty level of the game according to your preference. If you have ever found yourself not challenged enough by the game or having difficulty with all the mods you are using, then Scaling Health is certainly a worthwhile addition. What it does basically is balance out the gameplay by providing additional health to either your character or mobs or both. What started off as an unofficial port of Difficult Life is quickly becoming a great add-on for players who both want a harder and simpler gameplay.

Scaling Health Mod

Scaling Health Mod 1.11 delivers two key features that enhance your gameplay. The first feature is the per-player difficulty system. It can be tweaked so that the changes made in the game’s difficulty level are appropriate to your experience and game expertise. You will notice that the mobs will become increasingly harder to damage and kill. The second feature is more player health. This one obviously makes the game much easier as it provides your character more health as you can configure the added cap health. You can also change your starting health to make your character a lot more powerful.

The mod requires SilentLib and Java 8 to function properly so make sure that your system has this before installing Scaling Health. While its current version already delivers a host of benefits, the developer promises to have a few more features tweaked in future updates. You can expect to see better health bars and lights that can certainly enhance the overall appeal of the game. So, if you are looking for a mod that can help you adjust the difficulty level of the game,then Scaling Health Mod is certainly a mod worth adding to your game. With the freedom to make the game harder or simpler, you are guaranteed to have a more enjoyable in-game play.


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