for Minecraft 1.13

SC Photorealism Resource Pack
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SC Photorealism Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.13

Note: SC Photorealism Resource Pack has recently been updated for the 1.13 version of Minecraft. You can download it right now (use the download button). Have fun!

One of the famous tools for Minecraft is SC Photorealism resource pack 1.12.2. Minecraft had quickly become one of the popular games across the world after it’s released in 2009. It is also known as the ‘sand box game’. Gamer uses creativity, building blocks and resources found inside the game to build their own virtual world and experiences. The game is famous among children in school age.

You can play the game in all sorts of gadgets such as smart phone, X box, computer, play station, and tablet. The great big good news for the gamers is that a resource pack is launched to have a better photo-realistic texture of the game. You will definitely enjoy more playing with the improved graphics and pictures while.

SC Photorealism Resource Pack

Minecaraft is said to be the game without rules and is usually compared to a Lego. You can create your own world without following any set of rules and instructions. You can also play the game at any level without required monetary or skills. You will surely enjoy this distinct feature of the game.

Over the past years, there is a huge development in the SC Photorealism resource pack. These modern resource packs’ objective is to give a more photo-realistic texture of the game. SC Photorealism is one of the resource packs for Minecraft that earned popularity among the players.

What is SC Photorealism?

SC Photorealism resource pack had gained popularity after the day of its release. It aims to provide more realistic texture for Minecraft game. They remove unnecessary details by adding a huge amount of details to the game’s texture. SC photorealism is now recognized as a top-ranked resource pack.

What Does SC Photorealism Provide?

SC Photorealism Resource Pack

You will not go wrong with the SC Photorealism resource pack. Here are the improvements you will get after using this resource pack.

  • It provides a resolution of 128x.
  • It has extremely realistic feature that gives photo-realistic view.
  • It gives modern design.
  • It has more detailed texture
  • It adds more vibrant color palette.

You will enjoy the modern art design that will compliment the contemporary infrastructures after using SC photorealism as a resource pack for Minecraft.  It is so beautiful that you would want to have a tour all over the virtual world you created.

What is the Future of SC Photorealism?

The 1.12.1/1.11.2 version of SC Photorealism resource pack Minecraft is still a work-in progress. The focus of the author now is to build and decorate blocks. It has not been completed yet but is said to be best for taking screenshots of the creations. It might not be ideal for playing the game as of the moment but it is believed that it will be fully complete in the coming weeks.

What are the Steps in Installing SC Photorealism?

SC Photorealism Resource Pack

  • Look for SC Photorealism file. It should be .zip file.
  • Download the resource pack.
  • Check and open the downloaded file.
  • Copy the downloaded .zip file.
  • Go to Minecraft.
  • Go to “Options”,then choose “Resource Packs”.
  • Click “Open resource pack folder”.
  • Paste the copied .zip file into the resource folder in Minecraft.
  • Go back to Minecraft.
  • Check if the resource pack is listed.
  • Activate resource pack by clicking “Done”.

What is the Verdict?

SC Photorealism resource pack is a great tool for Minecraft. It is proven by how it became popular despite that it has not been fully developed. The screenshots images show that there is a lot to gain from this resource pack. It is expected that SC Photorealism will reach its objectives in proving real-life details for the game. All gamers would enjoy and love to build and play with an improved and more realistic texture in Minecraft.

How to Install SC Photorealism Resource Pack 1.13

  1. Make sure you have already installed OptiFine HD Mod.
  2. In Minecraft, go to options, and click the "Resource Packs" button. Then click the "Open resource pack folder" button.
  3. Place SC Photorealism Resource Pack into this resourcepacks folder.