Everyone is going to love the RWBY resource pack 1.12.2.

The only thing that’s going to stop anyone from having any interest in the RWBY resource pack is if they don’t even know what the RWBY resource pack is. So, here is a quick overview.

RWBY resource pack is Roosterteeth’s 3D web series that follows the story of the Remnant world. People living in this world do nothing but train to be the best huntresses and hunters. They live for no other purpose than to protect their world from monsters and other creatures that may put their world at risk.

Apart from the great storyline, one of the things that brought this resource pack to fame is its visuals and incredible art style. And then one day, one RWBY enthusiast thought of bringing the amazing visuals of RWBY to Minecraft, thusly, the RWBY resource pack was born.

RWBY Resource Pack

Just like anyone would expect, the textures and visuals of the resource pack are a lot like those in the actual series itself. The textures aren’t exactly as detailed compared to other resource packs, but they will still look incredible all the same. The color palette is the same as that used in the series itself in terms of the vibrant and bright colors.

The sharpness and cleanliness of textures and models make up for the lack of detail. One good thing about the low-detail texture is that it is not heavy on noise.

Some people would argue that this resource pack isn’t quite as original as others due to the fact that some of the textures, especially the leaves, were taken from other packs. However, that was only done because no changes were found to be necessary. The texture looks incredible enough on this resource pack.

This resource pack is still quite new, and is still in its beta mode. For sure, lots of changes are still coming in the future.


RWBY Resource Pack

  • Potions are in the form of dust bottles.
  • Mobs are wearing grim masks.
  • There are snowy forests.

Future Updates

Since the resource pack is still in its beta mode, then there is actually no telling what is coming next until it is completed. Based on what the creator has shared, he is planning to create new sets of mobs that are going to take shape in the form of grim creepers and wild zwies that that can turn into Beowulf. There are also going to be zombies, but the name used for them will be changed to white fang.


RWBY Resource Pack

People cannot live in a world without change. So, perhaps that is why people cannot resist not trying out different kinds of resource packs. This is certainly one of the best resource packs for Minecraft right now.

There was a time when people didn’t know what they were supposed to do with Minecraft since it basically doesn’t even have a storyline. After resource packs like this one were created, people finally realized that what they used to hate about Minecraft was actually one of the game’s best features.

Since the game doesn’t have an exact storyline, then you can apply any story that you want with it. Some people can only dream of living out their favorite series in their video games, but that is usually far from reality, but not with Minecraft.

Sure enough, there are a lot of people who want to get a feel of what it is like to play in an RWBY setting. Now, we all can.  Brace yourself for a brand new horizon. You are about to enter the world of RWBY. Everything is about to get better by the minute since the creator is still in the process of developing this RWBY resource pack.



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