A pixelated PvP game of the millennials has never been this good for Minecraft fans because of Rodrigo’s 8×8 resource pack 1.12.2. This PvP texture pack will visually improve the game experience with its not too sophisticated pack with radiant colors, thus making the experience in-game more attention grabbing and hardly boring. Rest assured that the game’s texture, every pixel, and variety of colors have been tested in various game scenarios for the pleasure of devoted Minecraft gamers.

So gone are the old days or genres of the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s where you could hardly recognize the objects, characters, or sceneries in the PvP game. deadmau5, celebrity DJ and biggest fan of Minecraft, will surely find playing the said game to be more enjoyable with this Rodrigo’s 8×8 resource pack for Minecraft.

Specifications of the Resource Pack

Rodrigo’s 8x8 Resource Pack

For Minecraft gamers, it is essential knowledge to find out the specs of this resource pack. As noted by the creator himself, below are the specifications for Rodrigo’s 8×8 resource pack:

Name: Rodrigo’s Pack

Size: 8 × 8

Minecraft (MC) versions: 

  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12


  • Complete the Monument (CTM)
  • Custom SFX (sound effects)
  • Custom color for sky
  • Items full 8 × 8

Self-Editing or Tweaking of the Resource Pack

Rodrigo’s 8x8 Resource Pack

Some Minecraft gamers, especially those who are tech-savvy avid fans, may find themselves wanting to edit the Rodrigo’s 8×8 resource pack. It is an inevitable sense of responsibility when a gamer finds some parts of the game that need a better look especially for your own enjoyment of the game. Not with standing the fact that you have the ability to tweak a texture pack, it is best to contact the creator of the said resource pack. Mention the error or whichever you find that needs editing and then make a request to update.

On the contrary, if you still wish to edit or do a little tweaking on this pack, then you may do so. You must take note that you may go ahead with your tweak or remake or mash-up of this pack, but it must be for your personal use only.

Copyright Rules Set for the Resource Pack

It is important to know the limit of editing we can do to intellectual properties especially those that are protected by Copyright. Hence, it is a must to read through the Copyright rules as noted by the creator of this pack:

  • You cannot edit or remake or mashup this pack for distribution.
  • You must not take textures to put it in yours for distribution.
  • You cannot use own ads and/or file links, e.g., goo.gl, bitly.com, adf.ly, tiny.cc, and MediaFire to download this pack.

What to Expect in Future Updates

Rodrigo’s 8x8 Resource Pack

No resource packs or any intellectual properties for that matter were created firsthand as perfect. There will always be some parts that require editing. Nonetheless, the creator of Rodrigo’s 8×8 resource pack assures all Minecraft fans or avid gamers that the following updates will be included:

  • Improved corners of redstone for an unbroken look
  • Improved block textures
  • Improved items
  • Improved graphic user interface (GUI)
  • Improved iron golem and zombie pigman’s skin
  • Entity updates, e.g., bears, parrots, evokers, boats, vex, vindicator, spiders, and fangs


To this date, Minecraft remains to be one of the best sandbox games. The fact that you can transform and create your own world in Minecraft has allowed this game to thrive through the years. Henceforth, a creative genius of Rodrigo’s 8×8 resource pack is only making the said PvP game a standouts and box game for everyone.


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