Realistic Swag Resource Pack 1.12.2 and 1.11.2 is an amazing texture pack and I’m sure you’re going to love it, particularly if you are one of these Minecraft players who likes to play with realistic textures! It is a brand new realistically themed pack which was created by Noxie. This pack comes with a resolution of 32×32 pixels and is fully compatible with Minecraft 1.11. There is nothing really unique or special in this pack but as all the realistic textures… it looks realistic! Please note that Realistic Swag is meant to be played with Shaders Mod. Otherwise, the simplicity would overlook the theme. It isn’t complete yet, but the author is taking many steps in the right direction with this pack. For one, the water has been made clear, so players can see right to the bottom of rivers and even some lakes.

Realistic Swag Resource Pack
Realistic Swag Resource Pack

Basically, Realistic Swag is a realism texture pack, partially completed. While it still won’t let them see the bottom of the ocean from the world’s surface, the Realistic Swag Pack does some other things very right. Without making Minecraft look like a drastically different world, this pack manages to upgrade many of the vanilla blocks, items and other graphics. It contains clear water, and amazing realistic items and mobs. Overall, this resource pack adds a sense of “neatness” and realism to Minecraft. Please note that this pack is still in progress, so if some textures are missing or if you find bugs while playing do not worry. You can check the changelog down below or in the original thread if you want to be updated on what’s new in the pack. For the moment, download, install and enjoy playing Minecraft with the Realistic Swag Resource Pack!

Update Logs:

  • Gravel, dirt, and sand are modified. Stone & cobblestone have also been updated.
  • More environment updates – rain & snow. Also modified snowflakes & raindrop textures.
  • Nether update – nethrrack, quartz, glowstone, nether brick, etc.
  • Changed bed colors, & modified jukeblocks and disc textures.
  • Adjusted tools, weapons, bows, & fishing rods.


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