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Realistic Realm Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.13.1/1.12.2/1.11.2

Have you ever heard of the cool game Minecraft? It’s an awesome game that offers a unique gameplay to gamers around the world. Gamers were hooked into this game ever since its first release. Minecraft seems to be the one of the best games out there, but there is a way to make it way cooler – by installing resource packs. Resource packs are plug-ins added to the game in order to upgrade its visual style, appeal, and appearance.

One of the popular resource packs available for Minecraft today is the Realistic Realm Resource Pack 1.12.2. This resource pack’s goal is to make a complete overhaul of the Minecraft to make it realistic and lively as possible. Existing resource pack available today already has this feature, but the Realistic Realm Resource Pack is unique because it doesn’t require that much of a high-end computer system for it to work perfectly.


Realistic Realm Resource Pack

So what are the features this awesome resource pack has to offer? Realistic Realm Resource Pack is focused mainly on the game’s environment. This means that the rest of the graphics of the game will pretty much stay the same. Upon installing the pack, you’ll immediately notice that the block’s texture has changed; the block’s textures are the ones who usually shape the game such as the dirt, glass blocks, stone, and sand.

The texture of this resource pack tends to apply little details to the texture while at the same time getting rid of the noise that could reduce texture quality by a little bit. The vibrant colors palette from this texture pack also adds to the realistic look it is aiming for. It blends beautifully with the texture which results in a really gorgeous visual.

Realistic Realm Resource Pack can really upgrade your gaming experience with everything it has to offer.

How about the game’s resolution? This is an issue for most gamers. Most of the gamers out there usually have a low-end computer that tends to have framerate problems. Well, the good news is this resource pack also carries with it an incredible x16 resolution that is responsible for the pack’s remarkable texture. With this resolution, even gamers with a low-end computer will be able to use it smoothly and efficiently.

Realistic Realm Resource Pack

This resource pack can truly heighten the gaming experience of Minecrafters around the world.


Delivers a complete overhaul of the game’s environment
Has a x16 resolution
Awesome texture details
Does not require a high-end computer


It only affects the game’s environment and not the other elements in the game

Future Updates

Realistic Realm Resource Pack

According to the Realistic Realm Resource Pack’s official forum, the resource pack has reached 100 % completion. This means that it probably won’t have something new in the future. But most fans of this resource pack seem to be satisfied with the features it offer.


Realistic Realm Resource Pack’s goal to bring a more realistic feel to the game may not be a new idea. But they surely did deliver what they intended to do. With such a high resolution, vibrant colors, and almost perfect textures, it assures the gamers of a whole new experience in their Minecraft journey. This resource pack is a good choice for gamers who want a unique overhaul of the game.

Moreover, maybe the best thing about this resource pack is its ability to be installed and be used even by gamers having a low-end computer. This move is what made it popular among fans of the game and has differentiated it from the other resource pack whose goal is also to bring realism to Minecraft.

Install Realistic Realm Resource Pack 1.13.1

  1. Download and install OptiFine HD for your Minecraft version.
  2. Start Minecraft.
  3. Click Options in the Start menu.
  4. Click Resource Packs in the Options menu.
  5. In the Resource Packs menu, click Open resource packs folder.
  6. Download the latest version of Realistic Realm Resource Pack from this page.
  7. Put the .zip file you downloaded in the Resource Packs folder.
  8. Enjoy playing with Realistic Realm Resource Pack!

Download Realistic Realm Resource Pack 1.13.1/1.12.2/1.11.2

You can download it on many Minecraft websites. Most of the sites providing links for Realistic Realm Resource Pack will let you download Realistic Realm Resource Pack 1.13.1.

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