In playing Minecraft, even though it has a night and day system, the season seemingly does not change. Imagine how cool it will be if you are able to play the game during the autumn or winter season. Luckily, a resource pack capable of giving you this experience is available.One resource pack that you could try out right now is the Rangercraft Winter resource pack 1.12.2 for Minecraft.

Resource packs keep your Minecraft gaming experience interesting. They usually offer something new to old and new gamers alike. Unlike mods, resource pack only tends to change the appearance and visual style of the game.

Rangercraft Winter Resource Pack

A resource pack could breathe a new life into your gaming experience especially if you have been playing the game for a while.

The main idea of this Rangercraft Winter resource pack is for gamers to experience a different season(winter season) while in the world of Minecraft. This cool resource pack provides you with a cold and wintery feel while in the game. This is something that you could try especially during the winter days.


Rangercraft Winter Resource Pack

The Rangercraft Winter resource pack for Minecraft is a 16 × 16 winter-themed texture pack. It brings in winter elements to your game, therefore making everything covered in white snow. It adds a cooler-looking environment to the game.

After installing the resource pack, you will notice that the blocks are covered with snow. Even the terrains are also visibly covered in snow. This is a clear indication that winter has just began in your Minecraft world. The snowy environment gives off a unique melancholic vibe to the visuals of the game.

In the more recent updates of the resource pack, the skies are visibly better. It tends to give off a more realistic look that complements the snowy background. The trees in the background also complement the snow-covered surroundings.

Rangercraft Winter Resource Pack

Rangercraft Winter resource pack for Minecraft however does not have any Christmas textures in it. So don’t expect to find any object that is related to the holiday. A separate unique Christmas-themed resource pack is available for download on the Internet.

Aside from these simple features, nothing more can be said of the Rangercraft Winter resource pack for Minecraft. It is also not yet finished and is around 55% completion as of the moment. So expect an update in the near future.

Gamers who want to play the game in a newer and simpler environment can make use of this awesome resource pack.

Future Updates

There is no announcement yet about the future updates of Rangercraft Winter resource pack for Minecraft. Regular updates about the game are usually found in their official forum.

They usually make announcements about the features for the new updates. Fans of this resource pack will just have to wait for the new feature the resource pack might bring.

And with this feature pack only at 55% completion, fans evidently have a lot more to expect.


Rangercraft Winter Resource Pack


  • Enables the gamer to experience winter season in the game
  • Improves the game’s appearance
  • Very easy to install


  • Not yet complete, only at 55%
  • Does not have any Christmas features

Overall, Rangercraft Winter resource pack for Minecraft is basically a resource pack that can add winter season to your game. It’s as simple as that.This is one of the options for players of the game to level up the gameplay. This resource pack truly brings new life to the Minecraft game. This resource pack is a must-try for old and new Minecraft gamers out there.


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