Rangercraft Forest Resource Pack 1.13.1 and 1.13 is a popular download in the Minecraft Resource Packs category.

Rangercraft Forest Resource Pack 1.13 Overview

Hello there, fellow crafter! Are you a nature-lover as well? If so, the Rangercraft Forest resource pack 1.12.2 is perfect for you.

What was the creator’s inspiration for this? Nature! You guessed it. The maker of this pack took into their own hands the challenge to create a more natural and earth-loving theme to inspire everyone to not only love the planet and nature in the game but also in the real world.

Rangercraft Forest Resource Pack

The Rangercraft Forest resource pack comes in three forms: the normal forest pack, the Asian pack, and the autumn pack.

  1. Resource pack history

The Ranger Forest texture pack was first created 2 years ago and has been improved since. The creator has been making and adding on updates while also working on the sister packs of the product.

  1. Resource pack reviews

The Rangercraft Forest resource pack has gotten good reviews especially from nature-lovers. These pros are as follows:

  • Greener Minecraft texture that makes it look calmer
  • More natural-looking world with the darker tone
  • Simple and inspiring

With the pros also come the cons. The idea and aim of the texture pack is not the universal problem. Many find it great and inspiring to see someone tackle a more natural ambience. The downside of this pack is mainly on the resolution and download:

  • 16 × 16 resolution is not for everyone, and some find it to be a hassle to use a shader.
  • It requires you to install OptiFine first to run the game.
  • The pack is still in its beta version and is only 30% complete.
  1. Resource pack specifications

As mentioned earlier, the Rangercraft Forest resource pack was inspired by nature, so you can expect this texture pack to be full of greens and colors or nature alike. The creator has made it clear that the game has a resolution of 16 × 16 because of their love for “retro videogames.”

Aside from that, the Rangercraft Forest Normal pack comes with the following:

  • Forest-like and nature terrain
  • Greenery concepts

The original texture is the Rangercraft Forest texture pack, and so far there have been two variations of the pack:

  • Rangercraft Forest Asia resource pack
  • Rangercraft Forest Autumn resource pack

As can be determined from their names, the Rangercraft Forest Asia pack will have an Asian and nature-filled concept, while the Rangercraft Forest Autumn pack will have an autumn texture.

Get your green thumb on and surround your Minecraft world with nature and greens by applying the Rangercraft Forest resource pack.

  1. Resource pack updates

Other than the two variants of the texture pack, the Rangercraft Forest Resource Pack has also been enhanced on a regular basis. A few of these modifications are as follows:

  • Bug fixes
  • Name updates
  • Improved skies
  • Upload fixes

The texture has been added on since its release on March 24, 2016. A few of the added features are as follows:

  • New color blocks, magma block, stone block
  • Ice, sun, moon
  • Beta tools
  • New items (e.g., shears, clay, chest, wood tools, charcoal, gold ingot, paintings, animated glowstone dust, sign texture, slimeball)
  • New folder system

Because of the game creator’s latest uploads and updates, you can expect to see more changes come your way. Also, because the texture pack is only 30% completed, it is guaranteed that more updates on items and textures will be available.

Get your green thumb on and surround your Minecraft world with nature and greens by applying the Rangercraft Forest resource pack.


Did that entice your love for nature or what? Be as it maybe, the game is still in beta production so you’ll have to wait a while for it to be complete. If you don’t mind the 16× resolution and the required download of OptiFine, you’ll be sure to have a blast with this texture pack. Exercise your green thumb with the Rangercraft Forest resource pack and fill your Minecraft world with nature.

Get your green thumb on and surround your Minecraft world with nature and greens by applying the Rangercraft Forest resource pack.

Rangercraft Forest Resource Pack Installation Guide

You can easily install Rangercraft Forest Resource Pack 1.11.2, 1.10.2, 1.13.1 and 1.13 using its automatic installation tool. Just click on the download link below and start installing Rangercraft Forest Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.13.


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