Many people love variety. They want to look for new things to keep them interested or entertained. This can also be true for games that people play. No matter how interesting a game is, they will eventually get bored if there is no variety or the scenes keep on repeating. This is why developers should continue creating updates or releasing new features to keep players hyped on their game.

This may also be what motivated the developers to create the Rangercraft Medieval Resource Pack 1.12.2 that would make your Minecraft world different than usual.

The Rangercraft resource packs have been a trending topic a while back. This is because of the sudden invasion of these resource packs that includes the latest release called Rangercraft Medieval Resource Pack.

Rangecraft Medieval Resource Pack

As the name suggests, this pack is unlike the traditional Rangercraft packs because it features a medieval theme instead of a natural or simple look. Despite of the wide variety of medieval packs to choose from, this pack is considered to be one of the better options. It gives truly realistic visuals that players will surely love. It will also entertain them more as they go on adventures in the Minecraft world.

You may confuse this pack with other Rangercraft Resource Pack since there are other versions out there just like the Rangercraft Autumn Resource Pack and the Rangercraft Asia Resource Pack.


Rangercraft Autumn can be relevant when you are playing it during the autumn season. This resource pack will make the players feel the caressing fall breeze. The breeze will pass through your Minecraft character once in a while, and your windows will turn into the colors fall green, yellow, and then red foliage, while Rangercraft Asia offers a feature that allows the players to travel throughout Asia without leaving their favorite game behind. They will surely enjoy the pleasant and bright style together with the delightful atmosphere in this resource pack.

The Rangercraft Medieval Resource Pack, on the other hand, features a countryside art style that will be definitely a sight to behold for Minecraft players. The textures are delicately created with a lot of details, and each texture seems to appear customized because they do not show any visible noise.

Rangecraft Medieval Resource Pack

And because of the noise elimination, the visuals of this pack will be extraordinarily smooth and will surely delight the players while they roam through the Minecraft world. They will also surely love the spectacular sceneries that they will see along their way.

However, you should take note that the Rangercraft Medieval Resource Pack only changes the terrain of the game and a few other items. The mobs, user interface, and animations will still stay the same or they will not change at all.

This Rangercraft Medieval Resource Pack has the standard 16×16 resolution, so players can easily run the game on their PC as long as their PC can run Vanilla Minecraft appropriately.

Rangecraft Medieval Resource Pack

These pack main features are its 16×16 resolution and its features that offer more realistic visuals that show a medieval-themed world.

Future Updates

The developers are yet to release updates for this resource pack. You can also wait for the latest updates in Minecraft, which are the Java and Bedrock Edition.


This Rangercraft Medieval Resource pack also has many advantages, for example, if your computer can properly run a shader, then you can apply that together with textures to get the best experience in the medieval-themed world of Minecraft. And also, when you install this resource pack, your Minecraft world will be turned into a breathtaking and realistic medieval world that players will surely enjoy.

Rangecraft Medieval Resource Pack

However, since there are advantages, there will surely be disadvantages. If you want to install and play with this pack, you need to install first the most compatible version of OptiFine. Another thing is it is still under the BETA version, which means the pack is not fully developed yet.


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