Have an awesome jump start with the convenience, creativity, and aesthetic of the Prefabricated Mode, or also known as the Prefab Mod 1.12.2. This starter pack covers your basic survival needs to fast forward on your intimate goals right away. It basically skips the 24-hour (or more) construction of essentials from scratch.

With this mod, you’ll have instant access to different ready-made and functional structures. You’ll have your very own crafting table ready and a home where you’re always welcome after a long survival-themed journey. It’s like a practical backpack prepared by your persistent mother, lunch box included.

Prefab Mod

There are more or less 24 refined buildings you can enjoy with this mode. The first ten will make you feel at home in a simple, uncomplicated life- with a warm place to stay, a couple of animal husbandry structures, tree parks, produce farms, and more. While utilizing the rest of the structures will make you feel grand with just the right amount of resources to boost your empire building, here’s a list of structures you’ll enjoy with the Prefab Mod classified based on your preferred advancement in life.

Warming Up?

Your first step to survival is to stop being a nomad in your world. With Prefab Mode, you can choose from different types of Minecraft starter houses such as ranch style, hobbit style, loft style, or you can simply stick with a simple house.

Prefab Mod

This starter pack locks down on your basic needs for survival. The materials of your house are customizable. This allows you to store useful tools and food in one convenient place. You can also place your mineshaft and delicate chests here. This pack definitely provides a cozy shelter to players.

The Instant Rancher’s Heir

Your Prefab Mod can build the life you want to have. You may start your simple farm life with ready-made warehouses, chicken coops, horse stable, barn with a total of 16 total pens, produce farm, and a well-tilted tree park. Spawn squids in the blue waters of your fishpond and let your livestock stroll on the grassy plain while you water your plants inside the greenhouse. Feel like the heir of a family ranch!

Starter Pack in Building Your Empire

The creative packages included in Prefab Mod do not stop with the basic farm blueprint. You can also have access to buildings that will prep you up in dominating your world. With your instant Monster Masher, you can enjoy tons of loots by spawning zombies, skeletons, spiders, and creepers. This structure comes with a handy storage for all your loot. It takes one pull of a lever to turn spawning on and off.

Prefab Mod

To keep things magical, you can place your 50-block bridge in creative places – over the lava or along the skyways. The bridge is lit with torches and has 10-use charges. This tool also includes the preview function built. Make your empire powerful with a machinery tower, defense bunker, ender gateway, aqua base, magic temple, villager houses, moderate houses, watchtower, and a destructive bulldozer.

How far will “instant” go?

Continuous updates are made to make the Prefab Mod experience more satisfying. Chicken coops and horse stables are already enhanced to accommodate the needs of multiplayer support. Warehouses are upgraded to fill the second floor with promising craft tables, brewing stands, and anvils. To maximize the visuals, structure preview is also available for designing. Additional chests were placed, and built-in mineshafts are generated.

Prefab Mod

Creative starter packs offered to cut the time-consuming hassles of starting from the bottom.  With these aesthetic and functional structures, players are able to embark on a different, much deeper goal in their world. More buildings and innovations are kindling and added as the mod develops, so it’s best to lookout for incoming updates.


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