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Oak Shadows Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.13.1/1.12.2/1.11.2

Welcome, fellow miners! Whether you are a previous player or a new crafter of the game, you’re probably wondering what the Oak Shadows resource pack 1.12.2 has in store for you.

For previous players, you’ll be glad to know that there are new updates and bug fixes to the game that the game maker has made especially for you.

Oak Shadows Resource Pack

For new players, you check out the history of Oak Shadows texture pack or go right down to the specs and updates below:

  1. Resource pack history

Oak Shadows resource pack 1.12.2 took five days to make, the maker said. It was done by keeping the theme close to the default Minecraft but with altered color and outskirts. Despite the game being rushed, the product was well functioning. Ever since its launch on May 29, 2017, Barry Allen, the creator of the game and his friend with username BagelBoi, have been improving and updating Oak Shadows Minecraft from time to time.

From its appearance 6 months ago, the game has come a long way. As of now, the resource pack is 90% completed.

  1. Resource pack detail

When the Oak Shadows resource pack first came out, it was made in 32 × 32 resolution because the creator wanted it done fast and anything higher than that would’ve taken him longer. Now the game is at 128 × 128 resolution, and new updates are still being made.

The texture pack includes:

  • Environment
  • Terrain
  • Items
  • GUI
  • Misc
  • Particles
  • Realistic

With a new and higher resolution, you can expect that the game will be a whole new experience.

Read about the current news and updates on the Oak Shadows resource pack and experience the game in a new resolution along with new items and improvements.

  1. Resource pack improvements

After Oak Shadow resource pack’s original release, the game has experienced quite a lot of modifications and add-ons. The added textures are as follows:

Blocks, bricks, and stones:

  • Netherrack, Nether brick, bedrock
  • Mossy cobblestone, cracked mossy cobble
  • Bricks, ice block
  • Every ore, lapis ore, glowstone, lapis lazuli

Plants and vegetables:

  • Carrot and potato growth, huge brown mushrooms, huge red mushrooms, mycelium
  • Double grass, flowers, leaves, lily pad


  • Moon
  • Sky
  • Cobwebs


  • Mining
  • Leaf movement with shaders
  • Ender pearl effects


  • Torches, fire, arrows
  • Rail, power rails, iron bar, gate
  • Shulker, wool
  • Soul sand, potions

These, of course, are only a few of what the Oak Shadows resource pack has to offer. Along with the updates and additional textures, modifications and bug fixes have been installed as well.  A few of these are:

  • Fixed animal textures
  • Fixed sky textures
  • Fixed mycelium
  • Fixed cobwebs
  1. Resource pack updates

As of today, the latest update on Oak Shadows resource pack were the bug fixes, but since the game is at 90% of completion, you can expect the game maker to make more updates real soon. Along with this, the announcement back in June 22, 2017, about the coming of mob textures is another thing to keep an eye for.

Read about the current news and updates on the Oak Shadows resource pack and experience the game in a new resolution along with new items and improvements.

Looking at the time interval of the texture updates, the game will most likely be finished before the end of the year. If so, the game will then be ending its one-year journey and will be completed just in time for the New Year of 2018. This is highly probable since the 32 × 32 version of the game was finished back in December 31, 2016, at 10:30 pm, just in the nick of time before 2017. If not, then it just means that there will be more updates and surprises ahead.


So are you miners going to wait to see the complete and finished product, or are you so excited that you might download the current version of it today? The game has been downloaded for more than 6,000 times, so you can be sure that you will be having a great time with the Oak Shadows resource pack.

Read about the current news and updates on the Oak Shadows resource pack and experience the game in a new resolution along with new items and improvements.

Install Oak Shadows Resource Pack 1.13.1

  1. Download and install OptiFine HD for your Minecraft version.
  2. Start Minecraft.
  3. Click Options in the Start menu.
  4. Click Resource Packs in the Options menu.
  5. In the Resource Packs menu, click Open resource packs folder.
  6. Download the latest version of Oak Shadows Resource Pack from this page.
  7. Put the .zip file you downloaded in the Resource Packs folder.
  8. Enjoy playing with Oak Shadows Resource Pack!

Download Oak Shadows Resource Pack 1.13.1/1.12.2/1.11.2

You can download it on many Minecraft websites. Most of the sites providing links for Oak Shadows Resource Pack will let you download Oak Shadows Resource Pack 1.13.1.

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