This mod makes the Minecraft game even more enjoyable as you get to build your own tent, pack and unpack it, and carry it wherever you want to go. Then, you can have it rebuilt and find everything inside it (furniture and all) still intact. Interesting right? Let’s find out more about the Nomadic Tents mod 1.12.2.


Nomadic Tents mod is created by sky01. The functionality of the mod allows a Minecraft player to build his own shelter that can be entered, exited, and relocated anytime at his or her discretion. Its portability is one of its extraordinary features. The tent can store all of the custom blocks and inventories of the player and still have them intact after its relocation.

Nomadic Tents Mod As a player, you only lose everything in your tent when you make an upgrade. Everything does not disappear and stays when you come back and rebuild it.

The Nomadic Tents mod is available for Minecraft version 1.12.2. There are three types of tents that you can try in the mod: yurts, tepees, and Bedouins with different sizes, that is, 5 × 5 (small), 7 × 7 (medium), and 9 × 9 (large).

All it takes is for the Minecraft player to have the Tent Mallet to build within the frames. Then you can build your tent that has the same shape and function as the huts. You may start with simple boxes and tools like the one illustrated below.  You can even give your mallet an upgrade.

These tents can also accommodate furniture, which you can unpack and put inside the inventory when you need to move or go to another place. After which you can come back to the same place and rebuild it. Surprisingly you will still find the same furniture inside your tent as if they were not moved at all.

Nomadic Tents Mod The Tent Mallet is located at the door of the tent. You can easily find it so you can immediately rebuild the tent you have packed. Isn’t that convenient for you too?

If the tent was turned into an item, either deliberately or by accident, simply click on the door where you came in to make an exit or use it as if it is no longer there.

You will also appreciate the items that you can find inside the tent. You would even imagine how it could accommodate them.

It also allows you to pass away the night with the latest versions of Nomadic Tents. Always make sure that you avoid shift-clicking when you pick a tent from the crafting grid. Otherwise you will get a message saying you have invalid coordinates. This is important when spawning and re-spawning your tent and should be kept as a priority when you die.

Basically it only takes four steps to enjoy the Nomadic Tents mod. First, you should make the tent, build the tent, enjoy using it, and move it (anywhere you want). That’s all.

Nomadic Tents Mod Future Updates

Expect to have future updates for Nomadic Tents mod as there were many suggestions that came across the Minecraft site. There were some who suggested linking the tent with the player.

Some others suggested that Nomadic Tents be made available for the higher versions of Minecraft in the future. Guess they will be.


Nomadic Tents mod adds more portability to items of Minecraft. While players can move them anywhere they want to go, they also have the option to set up their tents, keep their stuff inside, and bring it with them to another place to see their stuff still intact. Regardless of tent size, it takes only the same space and time to set them up although they may be bigger inside.


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