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Natural Realism Resource Pack
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Natural Realism Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.13

Note: Natural Realism Resource Pack has recently been updated for the 1.13 version of Minecraft. You can download it right now (use the download button). Have fun!

Natural Realism resource pack 1.12.2 is one of the resource pack that provides realistic view in Minecraft. Minecraft game is commonly played by kids in school age. The game is about finding mine and building them into anything such as house, plants buildings, etc. there are no specific instructions or preset goals in the game. It is very flexible that players can play however they want.

If you use Natural Realism resource pack, the setting of the game is similar to the real world experience where the sun goes up when you begin your work and goes down after. There are also occasional storm. You can also have animals to pet or use for food. There are modes wherein you will fight animals or people for your safety and survival.

Minecraft game is considered a sand box game. Gamers literally dig mine to mold and build the blocks to create objects. The only limitation of this game is the player’s imagination.

The Idea of Minecraft

Natural Realism Resource Pack

Minecraft can be played depending on the number of players – single player and multiplayer.

  • Single player mode: Gamer play the game on your own.
  • Multiplayer mode: Several gamers can access a server all at the same time.

In addition, the game has two types of mode – creative mode and survival mode.

  • Creative mode: The gamer is immortal in this mode. Everything that is needed for survival is provided. The best thing is the gamer can fly.
  • Survival mode: The gamer must dig mine in order for him or her to stay alive.

There is also level of difficulty depending on the number of player the gamer choose.

  • Peaceful: As the name implies, it can be describe as no difficulties at all. The gamer will not get hungry, there are no bad people and you cannot die.
  • Easy, Normal, Hard: There are bad guys present that cause more damage each level. It also gets stronger in as the level goes higher.

There are also modifications that gamer uses to change the appearance of the game – Mods and resource packs.

  • Mods: It is use too alter the original code of Minecraft. It changes the game behaves or acts.
  • Resource packs: It is a modification use to add sound or replace image file. It changes Minecraft in simplier way but provides real world experience.

Focusing on Resource Packs

Natural Realism Resource Pack

The Natural Realism resource pack is use to create a real world experience within the Minecraft game. It allows changes to language, models, fonts, sounds, files, end credits, textures, splashes, animation and music without using any code modification.

One of the best known resource packs for Minecraft is Natural Realism. It is recommended for those gamer who wants to maintain the standard file of the game while adding excitement on the game with real world experience.

Features of Natural Realism Resource Pack

Natural Realism Resource Pack

Resource pack requires hard-performing PC hardware. The good thing about Natural Realism resource pack is that it can be use for low-grade personal computers. The following are the enhancement you can find within Minecraft after using this resource pack.

  • It has 16 x resolution that can work perfectly on low-end personal computers.
  • It does not cause poor performance that might interfere with the gamers’ real world experience.
  • The texture of the game is smoother and soft.
  • It does not allowing losing any frames after changes was made.

If you do not want to change any default in the game using Natural Realism resource pack, here are the steps on how to download it.

  1. Open and start Minecraft game.
  2. From the start menu, choose Option.
  3. From the Otion menu, choose resource packs.
  4. Then open resource pack folder.
  5. In the resource pack folder, drop the file of Natural Realism.

Natural Realism resource pack is expected to perform well in providing real world experience for players who do not have high-end personal computer hardware.

How to Install Natural Realism Resource Pack 1.13

  1. Make sure you have already installed OptiFine HD Mod.
  2. In Minecraft, go to options, and click the "Resource Packs" button. Then click the "Open resource pack folder" button.
  3. Place Natural Realism Resource Pack into this resourcepacks folder.