MonsterRegularArmy Mod 1.12.2 and 1.11.2 got its roots from the 2014 Invasion mod with the goal of testing your ability to withstand crazy monsters that are insanely strong and have unique abilities. This is a great mod for you to check if your fortifications are heavy duty. The MonsterRegularArmy Mod is also suitable for those who love controlling and attacking games. Unlike the Invasion Mod, monsters in the MonsterRegularArmy Mod have a Learning Ability. This means that the monsters can initiate attacks instead of waiting to be attacked. They learn how to dodge and avoid risky blocks and areas. They could also learn long range attacks and create the correct mobs against specific monsters.

MonstersRegularArmy Mod

The MonsterRegularArmy Mod also boasts of its Advanced Artificial Intelligence that makes the game more entertaining and stimulating. As you pass each wave, your equipment becomes tougher and more resilient. You get to play against monsters, zombies, zombie engineers, creepers, skeletons, cannons, and catapults. Most of the enemies in the MonsterRegularArmy Mod are faster than regular zombies, so you have to know which mobs you should use in order to defend yourself. The invasion starts once you have created a Base Block and write the Letter of Proclamation. Once you already have spotted the best place to spawn your defense, the monsters will start attacking your fortress. You will need Minecraft Forge and up to play with the MonsterRegularArmy Mod. The game starts at a slow pace, but it will eventually pump up the action as your game progresses.

MonstersRegularArmy Mod MonstersRegularArmy Mod

While the Invasion Mod has more monsters, the MonsterRegularArmy Mod offers enhancements for your armory. You can test your base’s strength to go against cracked up zombies, who run surprisingly fast. This will also define your mastery in using the right tools and equipment to challenge the monsters. The MonsterRegularArmy Mod is definitely one of the best build and assault games in the Minecraft World. Download it now and tickle your mind with this strategy-based mod.



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