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Model Trains Mod for Minecraft 1.13.1/1.12.2/1.11.2

There are a lot of mods focusing on bringing model trains to the world of Minecraft, and the aptly named Model Trains mod 1.12.2 is one of them. This mod brought the miniature toys to the world of blocks, and the new updates had finally come after ten long months.

Original Content

The first train craft mod of its title was released as a special Christmas Mod, for a model train to be placed under a Christmas tree in another mod. It was not as stable on its first release and it’s

really challenging to set it up. It was made for multiplayer too. It’s one of the train mods for the well-loved game.

Model Trains Mod

The trains were crafted but there was no crafting recipe yet, so it was pretty tricky at first to make them, and the colors that displayed were not the same as the one displayed on the world.

It does have a nice model train with a good looking model though. It’s a good Minecraft traincraft mod.

The good news about the new update is that the author, Zenith Corps, had found the time to develop the mod to his planned content (mostly).

New Update

Model Trains Mod

  • Crafting recipes

The trains can now be crafted using recipes. Instead, the model tracks can now be crafted at the worktable. They need real tracks, which make four model tracks each. These are separated into straight and curved tracks.

They can be set up to go around a small area, or even create a complex pattern. It depends on the player’s imagination.

The train controller has its recipe, and it needs one for it to work.

  • 3D Printer

The mod introduced the 3D printer, a new item, into the world of Minecraft. The trains and its cars are made using these. The 3D printer itself must be crafted using coal, lapis lazuli, and red stone.

The model trains can be made using a few materials and dyes.

Zenith was able to make it so that the colors can be edited, based on dyes used. There are over 120 colors to choose from and with four different designs of trains that can be made in the 3D printer.

  • Survival Game Mode Application

The Model Trains mod can now be used not only in multiplayer but Survival mode as well. This was all thanks to the crafting recipe support which was impossible during its first release.

People playing solo can now also make their model trains and enjoy the new addition in their world.

  • Requirements

The latest update needs Minecraft version 1.12.2, as well as Minecraft Forge to work.

Future Updates

Model Trains Mod

Zenith mentioned that he was planning a Christmas update, but did not specify what it will be. Nevertheless, he is still in high school, with no formal training in programming, so it might not be much. He did well getting his mod this far, and fans can definitely love what it had become after a very long time of waiting.

Zenith also mentioned it explicitly in his mod that he doesn’t want people selling his mod, but they can add it to their mod packs as long as he gets the right credits. He thought that he’s not going to make money out of this mod, so it would be unfair if others will make money out of it without his consent.

He is also aiming to get his source code available for other modders, as long as he can figure out how to. This is to get others to help him develop his mod, or make similar mods like it.


Model Trains mod did a lot of good things in its latest update, and it will definitely excite the fans for its perceived Christmas update. It will also be the mark of its first year anniversary, so watch out for Model Trains mod!

Install Model Trains Mod 1.13.1

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge for your Minecraft version.
  2. Download the latest version of Model Trains Mod from this page.
  3. Put the .jar file into the Mods folder of your Minecraft installation.
  4. Enjoy playing with Model Trains Mod!

Download Model Trains Mod 1.13.1/1.12.2/1.11.2

You can download it on many Minecraft websites. Most of the sites providing links for Model Trains Mod will let you download Model Trains Mod 1.13.1.

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