The crucial role of farming in the real world is of the same level in the online Minecraft realm. It is essential to survive, to produce food to eat, and to provide you with other resources such as potion ingredients, paper, and leather. Just like in real farming, Minecraft also uses equipment and systems to motivate farming creativity from players, thanks to Mob Grinding Utilities mod 1.12.2.

Extracting mob resources (items and drop) from farm mobs has now become easier and more efficient. Essentially, it is created to improve your Minecraft experience by bringing out the real potential of mob grinding. But if you’re still unsure if you should get this mod immediately, here are some of its features that you may find really interesting.

Mod/Resource Pack Specifications

Mob Grinding Utilities Mod

Mob Fans

Mob fans enable you to push mobs or players in any directions. In order to expand its height, distance, and weight modifiers, all you have to do is click the block and open the GUI.

Water Channel Replacer

You may already know how water channels can sometimes go crazy that you just need to replace them. Well, now you can do so using Mob Grinding Utilities fans.

Absorption Hopper

The absorption hopper is a great Mob Grinding Utilities block that vacuums any experience orbs and mob drops as long as they’re within the three-block radius range. The best part is you can increase this range through upgrades by simply clicking the box and opening a GUI. The absorption hopper’s internal tank can also carry 16 buckets of fluid. Another thing is it has a huge inventory to facilitate item collection. However, just be careful that you don’t break it because it will drop your collected items it contains and you’d lose the water.

Singularity Tank

Imagine a tank that can hold up to 32 buckets of fluid and doesn’t lose it even when it breaks. Well, that’s what a Mob Grinding Utilities singularity tank can do!

XP Drain Singularity Tank

Mob Grinding Utilities Mod

This is somewhat similar to the features of singularity tank. XP’s difference and advantage lies on its built-in drain on its top. The drain stores the XP of any player who stands on top of it and converts it to fluid XP for future use.

XP Tap

Meant to be alongside a singularity tank, the XP tap is often used when necessity calls you to increase your XP levels. It means that you can easily turn it on and off when you have to convert fluid XP from the storage tank back to XP orbs.

Iron Spikes

A block available to Mob Grinding Utilities, iron spikes is notorious in killing mobs or players that touch it. It can also be placed on any side of your preferred solid block. Another great thing about this block is its life is not dependent on the block where it’s placed. Even when the block is destroyed, the iron spikes will remain as useful.

Mob Masher

Mob Grinding Utilities Mod

It is always a satisfying sight to see maximized mob drops, and you can do so by using a mob masher. Like the iron spikes, you can also decide where to place it on any side of solid block. You can use a redstone signal to activate this farming block.

Future Updates

Although it is already considerably useful in its current versions, some bugs are yet to be fixed in this mod including the compatibility issues and limited storage capacity of tanks.


Mob Grinding Utilities mod is no doubt a necessary farming upgrade in the Minecraft realm. If you don’t get this soon, you will miss the opportunity of strategic farming.


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