Minimapsync Mod 1.12.2 and 1.11.2 allows players to synchronize their waypoints from either Zan’s Minimap (Voxelmap), Rei’s Minimap or Journey Map with the server, which must have Minimapsync installed for that. Optionally you can install dynmap on your server and enable the dynmap feature in the minimapsync configuration file to see all server waypoints on there. The mod has an option to only allow ops to add new waypoints to the server and has a command based waypointmanager on the server to delete waypoints and recover them (also only for ops). Per default the key to sync waypoints is F12, this can be changed via the normal keybind-menu. This mod also allows teleporting to waypoints with the command /warptowaypoint in short /wtw followed by the name of the waypoint (This also works in SSP). There are also commands like /sendwaypoint or /sync for the different modes explained on the forum page. You can edit some config options via command /mmsc. For more information ask a question either here, on the forums or on planetminecraft. Or visit the forums or for a more detailed description of the mod. Also this is not needed on every client, so you can have it installed in the server and people can teleport to the waypoints, that are allready synced and only people who want to sync new waypoints to the server or get waypoints from the server have to install the mod in their client.

Minimapsync Mod

Minimapsync Mod can be installed on your server without all players having installed this mod, so you can download and install it as server host and tell your users about it, however they do not have to install it to be able to join your server, its just an additional feature to your server, which users can use.

Minimapsync Mod
Minimapsync Mod

Minimapsync is a mod not yet finished and also isnt a very complex mod, however it is a quite useful mod, which I firstly programmed for a friend of mine and myself. It allows you to synchronize your waypoints created with either Reis Minimap, Zans Minimap (now also known as Voxelmap) or JourneyMap with other players on the server you are playing on (only works if the mod is installed on the server). It also allows you to teleport to your waypoints, which is nothing new for Zans Minimap (Voxelmap), but for Reis it is. This mod post contains no screenshots or videos, because there is not much to see, the mod just works in the background with only a few messages displayed to the user.



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