One popular resource pack for Minecraft that is talked about today is the Minecraft Promo Art Pack 1.12.2. This resource pack is designed to implement textures to the game that are similar to the ones found in various Minecraft promo arts.

Minecraft is a very popular game. It offers a unique gameplay that got hundreds and thousands of people around the world hooked.

Minecraft Promo Art Resource Pack

A resource pack is a plug-in for Minecraft to change and improve the appearance and visuals of the game. By installing a resource pack, you are able to give new life to your gaming experience.

Longtime fans of the game may find it similar to the ones released by MCMojang a while back. MCMojang back then had difficulty creating a visually appealing texture for a 8 × 8 resolution. The Minecraft Promo Art Pack has not faced this issue and brought the awesome texture pack to life.


Minecraft Promo Art Resource Pack

The Minecraft Promo Art Pack works really well in applying beautiful art styles in the world of Minecraft. The kind of art it uses is similar to the kind of art that is being used by most of the Minecraft promotional material today. The main goal of this resource pack is to get the exact look and feel that is similar to the official artwork of Minecraft.

With a 95% completion rate, the makers of this resource pack have evidently achieved their goal on this one, as the graphics and texture it provides are really similar to the game’s official artwork.

This resource pack also tends to bring vibrant and brilliant colors. This is evident with the color of the sky during sunset and sunrise. However, you might observe that some of the fine points of the texture are not that good, but this small flaw does not affect the overall appeal and look of the graphics.

Minecraft Promo Art Resource Pack

Minecraft Promo Art Pack has a 16 × 16 resolution which is evidently a lot higher than that of MCMojang’s 8 × 8 resolution. This is also the reason they were able to achieve such gorgeous graphics.

Gamers who have vanilla Minecraft installed in their computers will be able to enjoy the features this resource pack has to offer.

This promo pack however is under development and is constantly changing. At 95% completion rate, you can still expect some minor changes and improvements to be made in the future.

By installing this promo pack, the gamer is guaranteed to enjoy his journey inside the world of Minecraft as it gives a unique environment for players to enjoy.

Future Updates

Minecraft Promo Art Resource Pack

The good thing about Minecraft Promo Art Pack is that it is frequently updated. In their official forum, it is posted that they will be doing an update for all the textures of the resource pack. This could mean a great improvement on the visuals and graphics of the game. A few changes can be expected for now.



  • The texture is similar to Minecraft’s original artwork.
  • It improves the game’s appearance.
  • It is very easy to install.


  • It is not yet complete, only at 95%.
  • Some of the fine points of the texture are not that good.

Minecraft Promo Art Pack is a good choice in upgrading the visuals and graphics of your game. This is one of the best resource packs available today. This resource pack is for gamers who want to get a new and better look and feel in playing Minecraft. Definitely every Minecrafter out there should try installing this. Trying out this awesome resource pack assures every gamer of a memorable and immersive gameplay ahead of them.


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