LOROTH resource pack 1.12.2 is a complete departure from the usual bright and vibrant resource pack of the Minecraft game. While other Minecraft resource packs focus on vibrant colors and fine textures to make the game appealing, the art style for LOROTH takes on a medieval theme which what sets it apart from other resource packs of Minecraft.

Resource Pack Specifications

LOROTH resource pack is definitely one resource pack that is different from other resource packs in terms of its theme and colors. While other Minecraft resource packs utilize bright colors and fine textures, LOROTH is a deviation. Its orientation rests on the dark medieval times, and users of this resource pack would expect to have the gloomy atmosphere.

In fact, it offers more than a hundred new medieval textures. LOROTH makes itself distinct from other resource packs with its art style, quality textures, and other visual elements that are able to keep the interest of a player in the game.

LOROTH Resource Pack And when you have become too engrossed in the game, you continue to wish you are still in the game, well at least to have a taste of what life is all about in the medieval times.

The medieval style may not be attractive to everyone as it projects a grim and gloomy surrounding, but the theme could sustain one’s interest in the game. It features textures and colors that may not be appealing to everyone, yet its art styles are very impressive despite carrying a dark medieval theme.

LOROTH resource pack has a resolution of 16 × 16 which gives off an interesting texture to the visuals of the game, with plenty of details in them as if it has a higher resolution. The pack’s resolution does not really have an effect on its frame rate. So the resource pack can even be installed with a low-end computer, while its performance remains excellent.

LOROTH Resource Pack LOROTH represents a unique kind of resource pack and has obtained high review scores when it comes to its originality, block textures, animation, and item texture. Now, that is somewhat promising, isn’t it?

Diverging Realms which is a Minecraft showcase server is one of the best medieval builders for the game. With the focus on the middle ages, the pack continues to get upgrades to make its structures more realistic or authentic.  Looking at the pictures, you must have observe its clarity and the subtle way it is represented by the colors and hues used in the game.

LOROTH Resource Pack Future Updates

LOROTH resource pack has been having many updates since it was created, like having new several blocks, shelves, arrow slits, colorful glass panels, and other new items. Players should expect to have more LOROTH updates in the near future.


LOROTH resource pack provides a good resource pack alternative for Minecraft players who are tired of the usual themes, colors, and textures. No other resource pack in Minecraft can take you back to the medieval times just like in the storybooks more than LOROTH does. There are actually more ways than one to provide this resource pack with extra boost. This is why everyone has to watch out for its future updates.

We’re not saying you throw all your other resource packs in favor of LOROTH. The decision will always be yours though. This resource pack gives you the opportunity to see the world in less colorful, less shiny, but more appealing way more than other resource packs. This simplistic appeal actually is what draws a Minecraft player to try on this pack.

LOROTH resource pack will certainly bring you to another time and place, definitely something that could urge you to explore more about the game.



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