Installing different mods provides one of the best experiences when playing Minecraft. Mods or modifications allow changes with game content, and add settings and options that enhance the gaming experience. A popular mod in Minecraft is the Interaction Wheel mod 1.12.2, and it is also the most installed mod so far in Minecraft. The Interaction Wheel mod allows gamers to experience what it is like being inside the game.

This Interaction within the game is what many Minecraft gamers look for. Players can access and be part of the game when they press “X” or the default key. Gamers can also add features to this type of mod. Every command attached to this interaction wheel mod helps you increase levels and adds to your enjoyment of the game.

Interaction Wheel Mod The presence of this Interaction Wheel Mod helps gamers creatively play the game by accessing a wider set of commands.  Besides that, the mod allows building blocks and changing actions to proceed at a faster pace.  By clicking the chosen setting in the Wheel Mod, players get to see a list of choices.  Here are the unique features this type of mod provides gamers:

Special Features of the Interaction Wheel Mod:

  • rotate block
  • dump similar items to the inventory
  • search items that you can find near the inventories
  • select the right tool for harvesting a specific block
  • rotating the block and dumping and fetching all the inventory

Interaction Wheel Mod Interaction Wheel Mod already exists in RPGs. You may wonder why gamers are into RPGs, but this type of Mod is the reason for that.  If you are into RPGs, then this may no longer be new to you. Minecraft has a lot of unique features that this Interaction Wheel Mod enhances by adding various tasks without having to click and browse the menu. More gamers get hooked to the game because of this mod. Players can focus on creating and building blocks, which is a primary reason why Interaction wheel mod adds to a better gaming experience. Here are instructions on how to install your interaction wheel Mod.

Installation Of Interaction Wheel Mod

  • Download the installer supported by your Minecraft version
  • Check and download the recommended mod version
  • Have .jarfile in your mod folder for your Minecraft installation

Some gamers have API to help them decide their wheel mod actions. With one click of the interaction wheel mod, you get more tasks to do. A custom-made interaction wheel mod makes the game more realistic and enjoyable.

Interaction Wheel Mod Future Updates

Interaction Wheel Mod comes with API. The API allows other mod creators to add and customize actions into the Interaction Wheel. It is already compatible with Minecraft versions 1.11.2, 1.11 and 1.10.2. If you are still using an older version, do update your version so that you can use this type of mod.


Minecraft is the most popular and most downloaded 3D Java game. Gamers can communicate, share ideas, visit worlds and interact with one another. The different Minecraft mods allow gamers to enhance and optimize the game. With Interaction Wheel mods, the game becomes more realistic and as a result, more immersive for gamers. It makes it more fun and at the same time more challenging for gamers to play Minecraft because players can create, simplify and build more blocks. Besides that, installation of the different Minecraft mods is relatively safe.


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