Gravestone Mod does exactly what it says, it creates gravestones. While it may sound awfully boring, the way it delivers the function it promises is actually quite fun. So, how does it work? Well, every time you, a pet or a villager die, a gravestone will be spawned on the location where it happened. Now if you are the sentimental sort, then you would certainly appreciate having something to mark where a dearly departed passed. However, the gravestone also has a useful function. Because it left a gravestone on the exact area where you died, it makes it a lot easier to retrieve the items that you may have dropped.

GraveStone Mod

GraveStone ModGravestone Mod 1.12.2 and 1.11.2 also comes with another cool feature other than the gravestones. The mod implements the Wither’s Catacombs which is an area similar to an underground stronghold. The catacombs are found underground in select locations that may be a bit difficult to find. This is because you will have to search for it on your own without the use of any item that can lead you to its location. But if you ever do find it, the loot you will find inside will definitely be worth all the effort spent looking for it.

GraveStone Mod

GraveStone ModSo, if you would like to take advantage of the creatively done gravestones and the amazing catacombs, then this mod is perfect for you. When installing the mod, you will need the forge so make sure you have this on your client before doing anything else. Once you have it, download the mod version compatible with the Minecraft you are playing. The next step is to transfer the .zip file to the ‘mods’ folder that is generated when you have the forge profile on. Relaunch the game and you should be able to see those gravestones spawning every time someone in the game dies.



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