It seems that Minecraft resource pack developers never run out of great ideas to enhance the visuals in Minecraft. This is exactly what the Grand Eclipse resource pack 1.12.2 is trying to convey to all of us although it has all the basic concoctions of the game.


Grand Eclipse Resource Pack 1

What is the Grand Eclipse resource pack?

The Grand Eclipse resource pack lives up truly to its name with its grand visuals that are absolutely stunning. The resource pack looks very promising when it comes to delivering the ultimate overall visual experience in a whole new level to be experienced by the player who has the opportunity to play a Minecraft game. Once you see it, it entices you to try on the game and play it on any level it can be applied to. It has also removed the usual visual of Minecraft and replaced it with something that looks more realistic.

Obviously, Grand Eclipse is designed to eradicate the usual cartoonish look of Minecraft’s visuals while retaining its appeal. Grand Eclipse is a high-quality resource pack that moves toward providing realism to art. When it comes to high quality, the resource park could guarantee a superb visual experience to the Minecraft user.

The Grand Eclipse is capable of illustrating different colors with the same sharpness and clarity unless the scene itself requires it to produce a blurry image. When you look into the picture, it certainly is very nice, like having a sun with dark skies, clouds, and blocks.

Grand Eclipse resource pack is designed to work well with Minecraft 1.12.2 and other versions, i.e., 1.11.2/1.10.2, and is guaranteed to be more beautiful than Pure Satisfaction, which is also of the same author.

Grand Eclipse Resource Pack

This resource pack has a resolution of 64 × 64, which is considerably higher than the usual Minecraft resource packs of ×16 resolution. This means using a PC that is slightly bigger in memory than the normal PC to be able to run the pack without encountering any frame rate issues. Just make sure you put the downloaded .zip file in your resource pack folder.

Using this resource pack may require either an upgrade or downgrade of your PC.  In either way, the reliability of Grand Eclipse still remains.

Furthermore, this resource pack provides a clearer and more realistic backdrop for the game with the boxes stacked up neatly, while the colors are alternately applied. In most opinions of players, it looks very nice! The picture shown below depicts a nice glowing sun radiating on the other side, while the rest of the picture is illuminated with the shadows inserted.

In the other picture, you can see how amazing the color blue is inserted in it. This also goes along with green which occupies special spots and separates itself from blue and the rest.

Grand Eclipse Resource Pack Future Updates

The resource pack is simple yet attractive. The pictures and landscape in Grand Eclipse do not use as many colors, but some future updates in its color selection may already be on the way. Besides, the applicability of Grand Eclipse is currently limited to the older versions of Minecraft. For now, let us just be contented for the current Grand Eclipse resource pack that we have.


All Minecraft resource packs have reasons they are built, perhaps to enhance the features of other resource packs which had not been there before. Without a doubt, the Grand Eclipse resource pack is as capable as the other new Minecraft resource packs. At the same time, with a new version, it can draw attention to the game with its unique and clear colors.


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