Gendustry Mod is a unique mod that focuses on just one specific aspect. If you are familiar with the Forestry Mod, then you are familiar with the bee breeding feature it offers. Gendustry builds on this feature by implementing additional elements into the game. The main feature it delivers is an Industrial Apiary which is an upgraded version of the apiary offered by Forestry Mod. An Apiary is a block that houses bees and produces different types of combs. The industrial one implemented by Gendustry is an automated apiary that is powered by MJ or RF. It also has four slots in its GUI where you can store upgrades. Some of these upgrades can be stacked so you can use the GUI slots to their full potential.

Gendustry Mod

Gendustry Mod 1.11 also implements other items that can be quite useful in the game. One of these new features is the Genetic Sampler. This block lets you manipulate the genetics of bees, trees and flowers. It functions with other items such as the Blank Gene Sample and Genetics Labware. These are also blocks from Gendustry. The Genetic Sampler requires 200,000RF per process. The mod offers a complete system that lets you create new types of bees, trees, and flowers through mutation. These include the Genetic Imprinter, gene sample, and genetic template.

The mod may sound a bit scientific. However,installing it is not rocket science. Installation and running the mod will require a few add-ons. It is forge-based so you need to have the recommended forge version for the build. In addition, you also need to have the Forestry Mod installed as well as BdLib to make sure it works properly. So, if you are looking for a lot more elements that would let you breed bees in the games, this mod is certainly worth giving a try.


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