For longtime players of the game Minecraft, adding mods can both add excitement and keep the game more interesting. If you are a new Minecraft player unaware of what a mod is, a mod is a “modification” of the game’s actual source code. With modding, you can change the entire appearance of the game and alter the way it behaves. One mod that catches the attention of Minecraft players everywhere is the Furnus mod.

The Furnus mod 1.12.2 was created by a developer named MrRiegel. This mod basically adds a furnace and a grinder into the game. It also provides upgrades for this added furnace and grinder. It has already been downloaded 12,000 times since it was released in January of this year. This is a clear evidence how useful and great it is.


Furnus Mod

As mentioned above, this mod added a furnace and grinder to the game. There is even a room that you can use to upgrade them easily. These different upgrades each bring something special in the game. There are some upgrades that can increase your fuel, while some can decrease your fuel rate consumption.

The current version of the mod, Furnus mod 1.12.2, is a relatively new mod. Aside from the cool feature it brings, it does not come without any faults. According to the gamers who used the mod, they encountered problems such as not being able to add new recipes. But don’t be discouraged. This small bug tends to be overshadowed by what it can do.


Furnus Mod

Below is a list of all the features this incredible mod has to offer:

  • The upgrades have different types based on their functionalities.
  • They added double-edged swords to the game which makes it really cool.
  • Powering the furnace can be done by using Exoflame.
  • You can upgrade at any time you wish.


Furnus Mod

As for the upgrades, the Furnus mod offers the following:

Upgrade Function
Speed upgrade This upgrade increases the speed and fuel consumption
Efficiency upgrade This upgrade basically decreases fuel consumption
IO upgrade This upgrade enables automation

  • I means input
  • O means output
  • F means fuel
  • X means nothing can enter or leave this side
  • Check mark means you can input and output with item ducts, pipes, hoppers, etc.
  • A means the furnus/pulvus pulls/pushes by itself. It also includes the check mark
Slot upgrade This upgrade adds one additional slot and an output slot (maximum of 2)
Bonus upgrade This upgrade increases the chance of getting more output. This also increases the fuel consumption
XP upgrade This upgrade increases XP output
Eco upgrade This upgrade keeps the heat even if there are no more items in the input slots. This also prevents the progress bar from resetting if the pulvus or furnus has no more fuel

The additional grinder has the following usual items in a Minecraft game:

  • Emerald ore = 2x emerald
  • Wool = 4x string
  • Gravel = 1x sand
  • Glowstone = 4x glowstone dust
  • Gold ingot = 1x gold dust
  • Iron ore = 2x iron dust
  • Bone = 6x bone meal

Future Updates

Furnus Mod

For now there are no updates yet for the Furnus mod. But the fans of this mod are hoping that the next update could patch up the bugs resolve issues.


In conclusion, the Furnus mod’s added furnace and grinder can be very useful for your in-game adventures in the world of Minecraft. It is definitely recommended that you try it out now.


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