Following up the success of the previous versions, the Fancy 3.0 resource pack 1.12.2 by Oakar567 is now here.  The Fancy resource pack series got its wide popularity from players who prefer the visuals of their Minecraft world with more intricate details. This resource pack runs on a 512 x 512 resolution. So, if your personal computer is not powerful enough you will be disappointed with the frame-rate issues that you might experience. But with the right equipment, you will be able to enjoy Minecraft with an insanely reconstructed design.

The overall look of the resource pack is very similar to default 3D resource pack. Although it’s not the best texture pack that you can have if you want 3D models, it is by far one of the best when it comes to the visuals. It focuses on the tiny details that some players with keen eyes are looking for.

The best feature of this resource pack is that it has a lot of nice new blocks that are exciting to play. Imagine the endless possibilities with these blocks. It sure took an artist to make something this aesthetically pleasing.

What’s New With This Pack

Fancy 3.0 Resource Pack

The Fancy 3.0 resource pack has tons of newly designed blocks for players to have a nicer feel. They are unique, and you can make a lot of things with them considering that the resource pack is only at its 55% completion. You can still expect more from it since it is still being updated.

This one is certainly going to make you call this resource pack your favorite. The Fancy 3.0 resource pack has animated mob eyes on creepers, and they look incredible. You will never see creepers the same way ever again.

List of Other Updates

  • Crafting table
  • Bookshelf
  • End Bricks
  • Boats
  • Armor stand
  • Slightly improved grass top tilling
  • Deleted white dots from some wheat plant textures
  • Added textures for trapdoor and iron trapdoor
  • Added rails textures and models.
  • Few changes in the Graphic User Interface (GUI):
  1. Little fix to recipe book windows
  2. Changed backgrounds in advancements window
  3. Changed some icons in stats windows
  4. Added the main menu “Java Edition” sub-logo
  5. Changed arrows in world/resourcepack/server selection, so they are no longer ragged looking
  • Comparator
  • Repeater
  • Added all sandstone blocks textures:
  1. Podzol
  2. diamond ore
  3. stone bricks
  •  normal
  • cracked
  • mossy
  • carved

Future Updates

Fancy 3.0 Resource Pack

Oakar567, the maker of Fancy 3.0 resource pack, has expressed his interest in doing further updates on the resource pack. Some things that we may see happening in the future is this pack being available in lower resolutions. This is because some players who tried to install this resource pack had problems running it or weren’t able to run it at all. According to Oakar567, players should not worry because he’s still working on the pack, so when he finishes it, there will also be 256px or 128px.


Fancy 3.0 Resource Pack

The Fancy 3.0 resource pack is a must-try if you want to see your normal Minecraft world become a world of fancy details. It has heavily improved in design.Thus, you will have to consider the capacity of the device you are playing on. Nonetheless, it is guaranteed to change your perspective on the game.

This resource pack has a very responsive developer who welcomes feedback and suggestions. So in case anything goes wrong, you can rely on someone to work on it and make things convenient for you. With that out of your head, you can now just play to your heart’s content with the Fancy 3.0 resource pack.


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