Erivale Resource Pack 1.12.2 and 1.11.2 is an amazing resource pack that was initially created to revamp and further enhance the Werian resource pack, which received outstanding reviews. It features remarkable textures, and for Minecraftians who are fond of this kind of art style, this resource pack will definitely be a sure hit.

It is designed to improve and give a total overhaul to the critically-acclaimed Werian resource pack. Nonetheless, it has been released as a separate pack from Werian due to certain circumstances that the developer realized while completing it.

Erivale Resource Pack

Erivale Resource Pack sports a solid medieval theme and comes with well-crafted textures. This is why this resource pack is often and best recommended to those players who are looking for a way to add a medieval twist to their favorite computer game, Minecraft. This pack won’t disappoint you in painting your Minecraft world with a medieval feel.

Yes, there are other packs that offer medieval themes for your Minecraft world. Nonetheless, nothing beats Erivale Resource Pack. It is entirely on a different level than other medieval themed resource packs out there. The textures in this pack look too realistic because of its insane amount of details. The pack is also popular for utilizing vibrant color palette that works perfectly in terms of bringing everything the world to life. One great thing about Erivale is that even when its textures are too detailed, it lacks the noticeable amount of noise. This is undeniably a vast improvement from other packs offering detailed textures that usually come with extreme amount of noise.

Erivale Resource Pack

This resource pack has a 32 x 32 resolution which actually comes as a shock given that the kind of detail in its textures would male one would think that it is made with a high resolution. With this kind of resolution, players can utilize the pack without having the need to run into different frame-rate problems. Another cool thing about the Erivale resource pack is that Minecraftians will be able to use it with no frame-rate issues even when players have a relatively moderate performing hardware. This resource pack can be installed by starting Minecraft and by going to the options button in your start menu. While you are in the options menu, select resource packs folder and the put the .zip file that you have previously downloaded in the folder.


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