Ender IO Mod is a mod that delivers a whole lot of convenience to the game. It implements compact transportation for elements such as fluid, network ME data, and items. With the mod installed, you can efficiently run a variety of conduits using only a single block space. This can be highly useful as it allows you to automate the process of supplying the resources and energy needed to craft game-changing elements such as weapons, lighting, and armor. With most of your machines needing energy to function, adding this mod to your game will certainly help you craft more efficiently.

Ender IO Mod

Ender IO Mod 1.11 implements recipes to create machines such as the combustion generator, capacitor bank, and photovoltaic cell. These machines deliver useful functions to help you within the game. The combustion generator uses various liquids such as water to produce RF or Redstone flux. The capacitor bank is a mobile power storage block that can be used on multiblock structures while the photovoltaic cell is a block that produces 10RF per click when exposed to sunlight. This block can store up to 10000 RF. This means it can also effectively function as a much-needed power storage. With these types of machines delivered, you can see why Ender IO Mod is a popular add-on to the game.

The mod also delivers other elements such as the staff of traveling that allows you to teleport. When used with the travel anchor which is another mod implement, you can travel great distances with just a simple right click. In addition to this, you also get additional powerful armors added to the game. An armor that you can craft with this mod is the dark armor. It is made from dark steel and produces components that perform better than diamond armors. With that much durability, you can guarantee that it is going help you in combat. The mod is forge-based, so you should have no problems running it with other mods that work with forge.



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