You may think that the ElfPack resource pack 1.12.2 is a template that focuses on elves or something similar. You might think that it is a fantasy game, but it is in fact the complete opposite.

You would think that gamers would be interested in detailed textures and models. With all the resource packs that are focused on jam-packed gameplays, it is quite normal for anyone to think that the entire market demand for video games focuses on cramped gameplays.

Gamers who enjoy videogames with simple settings are the only ones who actually enjoy them.

ElfPack Resource Pack Fantasies usually revolve around complicated details. Fantasies are about objects and events that don’t materialize or don’t occur in real life.

ElfPack resource pack is really about simple details. It is the only resource pack for Minecraft that provides a simple interface. It is mostly meant for the enjoyment of players who have trouble focusing on the game if the background is too crowded. This resource pack therefore, is for players who prefer a calm and more solemn experience with the game.

ElfPack resource pack may seem dull for some people, but there are actually many players who appreciate the tranquility this pack provides because it allows them to focus more.

ElfPack Resource Pack Despite being simplistic, it is undeniable that the ElfPack resource pack is impressive. You won’t see any other resource pack that supports calmness and tranquility as this one does.

When facing challenging mobs, people can feel a bit distracted with all the textures and models that surround the mobs. It can affect their gameplay in the long run, which is why they prefer something that is far simpler.

Even though this resource pack is one of the simplest packs you will ever find, it does not lack in quality. It doesn’t have the best resolution offered in other resource packs, but the quality is still noticeably high. Perhaps, one of the best things about the ElfPack resource pack is that it is free of noise.

One more thing that you will notice in the resource pack is that it has a color palette that is a lot darker than what you’re fond of seeing in vanilla Minecraft. But that is okay because dark colors are great for simple art styles.

This resource pack isn’t finished yet, which means that it is still in its beta version. So, you shouldn’t be too surprised when you see that there are still some glitches or bugs in the pack. Sure enough, the creator will continue to work at it to the satisfaction of gamers everywhere.

ElfPack Resource Pack Specifications

  • It has a simple theme, which will enable players to have better concentration.
  • It has darker colors, which will help put players in a calm disposition.
  • It isn’t jam packed with details and models, so that your focus is on the gameplay and not on the graphics.

Future Updates

The creator is planning to create another server with the use of a map.  He plans on creating clans and medieval empires. Surely, the future is going to be exciting for this resource pack.

He is also considering letting players customize their items, such as their armor, swords, and duel tools. He is also working on bugs and glitches that have been reported by users in the current version.


ElfPack isn’t for everyone. It is for people who have trouble concentrating due to distractions.

Minecraft is a game for everyone. So, people shouldn’t be left out, just because they belong in the minority of players who want the game to be simple. That was the reason ElfPack resource pack was created.


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