If there is one thing gamers look for in a game, it is its ability to make the gamer feel immersed in the environment and surrounding of the game itself. With Dynamic Surroundings 1.12.2, you get all of these and more!

The real goal of Dynamic Surroundings is to have a gaming experience that is very much realistic and immersive. With this mod, you get to have a variety of changes that are not typically seen in other types of mod. Most of the time, Minecraft mods focus on the improvement of the gameplay mechanics and its functionality. However, this particular mod focuses on the environment and experience of the gamer to immerse in the game.

Dynamic Surroundings Mod

Dynamic Surroundings is more inclined to the improvement of the visual and audio aspects. The overall experience of playing Minecraft has become much more captivating because of these changes. While there have been some comments and reviews from gamers that the effect and benefits of this game are not immediate, you’ll definitely get to experience all of these as you play through the game.

With this mod, you get to experience the different seasons at a whole new level. From a very calm rain to a heavy one and from a light snowfall to a heavy-blowing sandstorm, this mod has got it all.

Features to Look Out For

Dynamic Surroundings features the brand-new acoustic footsteps for Minecraft 1.12.2. The secret to having an immersive mod especially when it comes to Minecraft lies in the small details. For example, in Vanilla Minecraft, players would normally be exposed to the same sound of footsteps no matter what surface is being stepped on. While most people wouldn’t really pay much attention to this, this is one of those things that contribute to the overall gaming experience of the player.

Biomes and Sound Effects

Dynamic Surroundings Mod

With Dynamic Surroundings, the sound of each footstep would vary depending on the type of surface one is walking or stepping through. On top of that, there is a wide variety of sounds that add that “realistic” feel of the overall Minecraft experience – changes that have been made in terms of the biomes.

When it comes to biomes, each of them will be played at a different ambient effect of sounds. It would all depend on the time of the day. This is definitely a key part if you want a mod to give off that “realistic” appeal.

Make sure to pay attention to the changes made with natural scenery such as the aurora with a hint of calm snow, the firejets in the Nether, steam which rises from the water, speech bubbles and fireflies, potion HUD, and much more.

If the audio changes didn’t impress you, we don’t know what would! Oh, wait. Maybe the other visual changes would. Furthermore, here are some other changes in the Minecraft mod:

  • The special effects of bubbles, lava, steam, and rain, auroras, and polar biomes in Taiga or Ice Field area must-see!
  • These auroras even depend on the brightness of the moon on that particular night.
  • Effects when it comes to insects such as fireflies at nighttime really are amazing.
  • There are also the block effects, the player effects, the acoustics of each footstep on a variety of surfaces (in terms of audio), biome sounds, storms, weather, and much more.

Future Updates

The developers of this mod are yet to release its updates.

Dynamic Surroundings Mod


These scenarios and improvement when it comes to audio and visuals are just the top of the iceberg when it comes to the overall contribution of how this Dynamic Surrounding mod has greatly improved the user experience and immersion of the player in Minecraft.


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