Everything in Doom Craft resource pack 1.12.2 will remind you of the famous Doom video game series, a franchise by id Software: it is cryptic, dark, and challenging. When you have this resource pack installed, you can easily notice the change in the gameplay atmosphere. The armors, items, blocks, monsters, and even weapons are specifically recreated to bring the Doom ambiance inside the Minecraft world.

Available for Minecraft 1.12.2, this resource pack is magnificently made of stunning textures and exciting sound effects. These improvements unquestionably increase each gamer’s adrenaline as well as their hype for thrilling adventures. Although it has been released 5 years ago, it remains as one of the most frequently updated resource packs available for installation today.

Resource Pack Specifications

Doom Craft Resource Pack

Doom Franchise Inspired

As stated above, gamers often install Doom Craft resource pack because of its parallel structures with the dark Doom franchise. This dark video game complements with the addicting Minecraft interactive features by creating a dark alternate world where you must strategize to survive, kill or tame monsters, and collect mob spawners. The only difference is that Minecraft’s Doom is not as gore and bloody.

Stunning 32 × 32

Labeled as “fantastic” by most gamers, Doom Craft resource pack allows you to enjoy your game because it features more defined shapes and lines. It has a proud distinct 32 × 32 resolution! This amount of resolution makes the gameplay’s graphics look magnificently clearer and richer.  It is by far better than the default resolution which is only 16 × 16.

It is like removing the blurry sections on the screen. If you happen to experience and compare both resolutions, you can really tell the difference.

Exciting Sound Effects

In this 1.12.2 version, also sound effects have been improved, thus making it more exciting and engaging for old and new players alike. Just imagine hearing those roars and gunshots in a distinct, crisp tone. For sure, it would entice you to play more! Doom Craft pack, therefore, can completely absorb your senses from your vision up until your hearing!

Frequent Updates

Doom Craft Resource Pack

Unlike other packs that rarely get timely improvements, Doom Craft resource pack is updated on a semi-regular basis, which is beneficial in any way. In its 1.7.9/1.7.2 previous versions, the sound effects were not that spectacular, but it has already been addressed in the current version.

Future Updates

Since one of its major pros is the frequent updates, Doom Craft gamer fanatics can expect it to further push on to higher levels. In this manner, playing Minecraft would not be stale, but it would continue to be challenging and satisfying. Some textures are still for improvements as they have the tendency to confuse gamers. This will definitely be what every fan will look forward to.


Doom Craft Resource Pack

Here are pros and cons of the resource pack for your easy reference:


  • It is impressively created.
  • It is similar to the Doom franchise video game.
  • It has a stunning 32 × 32 resolution.
  • It has crisp and engaging sound effects.
  • It is frequently updated.


  • Not all textures can be used regularly.
  • Textures can sometimes be confusing.

Doom Craft resource pack for Minecraft 1.12.2 truly deserves a top spot on the list of the best. Considering the listed pros above, it is inarguable that it has a huge, solid fanbase. Its cons are also just awaiting improvements.This means they will be available in future versions.

So, if you are one of those who can’t still get enough of the Doom franchise influence, then you must certainly try Doom Craft resource pack as soon as you can.


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