The purpose of the Dissolution mod 1.12.2 is to make death in Minecraft a bit more challenging and interesting.

What’s the one thing everyone hates about Minecraft? It’s death. Minecraft is practically one of the most enjoyable games in history. But when it comes to deaths, Minecraft offers one of the worst experiences. Nothing can piss a player off than waiting for his character to respawn.

It happens every single time. Your health goes out. You die. You respawn. You’re back right where you started.

Nobody likes having to do things again and again. So, when they die and have to do things over and over, they can’t help but feel frustrated.

Dissolution ModLuckily, the Dissolution mod has come along.

With the Dissolution mod, you’ll experience a death system, which means that as soon as your character dies, you will be given access to different gameplay features and stages.

Despite being one of the best mods out there, it is quite underrated. Presently, it sits at 3000 downloads even after it has already been in the market for quite some time. People are commending the product due to its incredible graphics and fantastic gameplay. So, its rank at 3000 in the most downloaded mods of the game will remain a mystery for now.

Just think of the Dissolution mod as a sort of afterlife. Instead of waiting for your character to respawn, you are taken to a whole new dimension: the dimension of the dead. What makes the Dissolution mod awesome is the way it lets you do things you couldn’t do back when you were still alive.

Dissolution Mod So, imagine that your Minecraft character died. You’ll then become a soul flying around the new dimension. You will have full control of your ghost character, although you cannot interact with other live creatures. That may sound like a turnoff, but that is a lot more enjoyable than having to wait for your character to respawn over and over again.

Another good thing about it is it can be customizable to fit your expectations. There are configurations which you can edit according to what you desire.

Dissolution Mod Specifications

  • You can explore your new-found capabilities as a soul.
  • You can fly around the world of Minecraft.
  • You cannot interact with other characters or mobs.
  • You can full control of the transparent soul.
  • There is a customizable configuration.

Future Specs

Since this mod is still in its beta mode, there is no telling what kind of updates it is going to have in the future.

One thing for sure is that they are looking for a way for players to look for items that can benefit them in the afterlife. The idea goes back to players avoiding death in Minecraft due to the obvious reason, but as soon as the new update is ready it is going to be the other way around. The creator is about to incentivize the afterlife so that this mod becomes even more exciting for players.

Soon enough, this mod will allow players to possess mobs and do other cool stuff with their ghost characters, than merely flying around Minecraft.


Nothing is more tragic than having to go back to square one when you have already gone a long way. It’s no wonder that many people get frustrated whenever their Minecraft character dies. There was a time when a character’s death was the most dreaded moment in the whole experience of playing Minecraft. But it has now evolved into an event with some new excitement. That is at least when the mod is finished. It is still in beta version.

Dissolution mod brings players a way to enjoy death by letting them play the game as ghosts. The mod also lets ghosts do cool new things they couldn’t do as live characters.


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