Whatever game you are playing, the ability of the game to let the player immerse himself in the actual game is crucial. The next thing one should consider is the overall aesthetics of it. We then proceed with the small details as to colors, style, textures, and more! This Default+ resource pack 1.12.2 is a simple and sophisticated way of enjoying Minecraft.

The principal aim of Default+ is giving gamers a much better look of the game while still being loyal to the default.

Default+ Resource Pack

This resource pack may have undergone some minor changes such as the mobs, blocks, certain items, styles, and textures. But there is something beautiful when it comes to the default of things – its familiarity is one of its advantages.

The simplicity of the Default+ resource pack aims to make the whole gaming experience fresh! In a way, it looks good and is pleasing to the eye which allows us to get back to the previous point concerning the aesthetics of the overall game. What helps more in providing this aesthetics that every gamer, old and new alike, wants is the resource pack’s 16 × 16 resolution.

Features to Look Out for in Terms of Add-Ons

  • When it comes to retro sounds, the changes made were in relation to how to revert the sounds back to the original or the “default” sounds of Minecraft.
  • In terms of the patterns on beds, the different mob heads will basically appear on the sheets of the bed and will be dependent on the color of the particular bed.
  • With this resource pack, all Nether blocks are changed to black.
  • It also allows you to revert the pumpkin to having a face again.
  • Here’s something cool – this resource pack makes the rain invisible.
  • Speaking of invisible things, this resource pack also makes the end gateway beam invisible too.

Features to Look Out for in Terms of Alt Packs

Default+ Resource Pack

  • Default+ Lite is FPS boost. This Default+ resource pack removed diminishing items as well as item and block animation.
  • Finally, this resource pack removed the “Java Edition” subtext that can be found on the title of the home screen.

More Features

The texture pack has been tweaked here and there, especially when it comes to the stone sword. There have been comments regarding how this looks more like a ghost blade rather than a stone. Keep in mind that this has been fixed and updated versions will be released soon.

Furthermore, the diamonds have been an inspiration from somewhere. However, the logs are completely an original idea.

As for its progress, this resource pack is 40% complete.

For everyone’s information, Default+ resource pack no longer supports version 1.8.9 or lower of Minecraft.

Future Updates

Default+ Resource Pack

It is possible that a lot of people have similar ideas. As mentioned above, updated versions will be released to make your whole experience in using the Default+resource pack worth it.

Furthermore, there hasn’t been any announcement recently on the specific dates for the next update. But rest assured that the creators of this resource pack are constantly looking through gamers’ comments and suggestions to look for a way to update this pack.


In the creation of this Default+ resource pack, the textures were only implemented. To be honest, one can say that they quite fit the vanilla game perfectly. So if you are a gamer who very much enjoys the vanilla game but want something different – a difference that is not too much – then this resource pack is the answer to all of your problems.


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