Are you the kind of player who has a creative mind? If yes, then Minecraft is definitely for you. Minecraft, an indie game that was released in 2009, is composed primarily of virtual land forms and sections which players can manipulate.

This sandbox game allows players to create their own world using building blocks or any other resources they might find in the site. A good thing about this game is that you can play it using different consoles such as a computer, tablet, smartphone, Play Station, and X Box.

Death Counter Mod

Minecraft became a huge success and has been considered as one of the most popular games in today’s generation commonly played by middle-aged children. Mods are added to this game to give players more options in exploring their created world and to alter the gameplay for a more creative feeling in interacting with Minecraft. Mods are created by people known as Modders. One of the mods created is the Dark Counter Mod.

Dark Counter Mod 1.12.2 is a survival mod that keeps a record of all player’s death after its installation. When we say survival mod, the players are assigned to kill every enemy in the game. This mod best suits for players who invest so much time playing Minecraft because when someone dies in the game, it will not lose everything like save builds and work saves. This is very different compared to Hardcore mod that makes you start from the beginning again after you die.

Death Counter Mod

As a single player, it calculates the number of your deaths so you can see your progress each time you spawn in the game. The Death Counter Mod shows a leaderboard that can be turned on or off depending on the command of each player. This mod allows players to create Free For All servers and keep tracks on the player who has the most kills and has the most deaths.

For commands, you can refer below:

For Ops:

/dc (or /deathcounter) leaderboard [all/user]

  • To exclude the second argument will show the leaderboard for the op only. (For servers, display to server console only)
  • To set up the second argument to “all” will broadcast the leaderboard serverwide.
  • To set up second argument to a player’s name will display the leaderboard for said player only.

/dc reset (all/user)

  • Resets the number of all death counts in the game.

Eg: /dc leaderboard all

For Non-ops:


Displays the server’s leaderboard to the player.

Death Counter Mod

Installing the Death Counter Mod is easy and this will provide you a lot of benefits. One example is that you can have access of wide variety of commands. Generally, the more you spend time playing with this mod, the more great experience you will get. Playing Minecraft is really perfect for players who like to play without rules and have imaginative mind.

Fans of Minecraft, who are flexible in terms of how they play, usually add an exciting feature to enhance their playing experience and that is Death Counter Mod. It is a modification that allows a player to fight with different players and seek more adventure. The added content of this modification helps improve the player’s solving problem skills as they stay alive while playing the game.

Death Counter Mod

The real benefit is that the Death Counter Mod keeps track of each player’s death record so there will be a ranking system in the server. So, if you are looking for a mod that will test your survival skills, the Death Counter Mod is the one you should rely on. It will provide you the challenge you have been wishing for.


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