Custom Crosshair Mod is a mod that lets players change the crosshair icon. While the mod does not implement any additional game-changing items to Minecraft, it does improve the experience especially for those who are not satisfied with the default crosshair. The mod implements eight new images that can be used instead of the one available with Vanilla. But what really makes Custom Crosshair stand out from the rest of the mods with similar features is that it works on servers as well. Players don’t experience any trouble running it as long as the forge is installed and running.

Custom Crosshair Mod

Custom Crosshair Mod

Custom Crosshair Mod 1.12.2 and 1.11.2 doesn’t limit the options of the players to the crosshairs it implements. The mod also allows custom images such as weapons to be used for this function. Crosshairs are basically used to specify the point where a block or item is to be used. With the custom image or item allowed, players have the added on benefit of having control over this basic function. To apply the crosshair preferred, all that needs to be done is to make the changes on the customization menu and select which one to use. Once the changes are saved, the new crosshair is immediately applied.

Custom Crosshair ModSo, if you want to have the option of changing the size and appearance of the crosshair, then this mod is perfect for you. Installation for this mod is also quite easy. Custom Crosshair needs the Minecraft Forge to run so you will need to have it installed and running to use the mod. If you already have the forge then all you’ll need to do is download the mod version compatible with your client and transfer the file to the mods folder. When you relaunch the game make sure to put in forge profile and you can start picking your custom crosshair.



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