Creeperade Mod 1.12.2 and 1.11.2 is one of the incredible mods created for Minecraft players who need help dealing with the in-game enemies known as Creepers. The Creepers have always been quite a distraction and facing them is often annoying for fans of the sandbox video game Minecraft. They just show up from out of nowhere and create explosions that can cause a lot of damage. Creepers are considered to be some of the most annoying mobs in the Minecraft world. Ever since Minecraft was created, the Creepers have always been there too, which is why mods that are designed to fight them are always appreciated by gamers.

Creeperade Mod

There are now a lot of Creeper-themed mods for Minecraft, and the Creeperade Mod is among the finest available. This mod also comes highly recommended by gamers. The mod features a lot of unique items that can even utilize the function of creepers. The incredible thing about the Creeperade Mod is that it is unlike other Minecraft mods designed to make it easier to defeat them, its core concept is to use the Creepers in a more productive way. The mod allows the players to use a special net that can catch a few Creepers that are walking in the vicinity. The items in the Creeperade Mod, such as the Creeper Pie and the Creeper rocket launcher, can be used to make anything or anyone explode even from a distance.

Creeperade Mod

One of the best thing about the Creeperade Mod is that its crafting recipes are very easy to use. You can use any of the items and features within the mod without any hitch or issues since the resources required are just the same as what you mostly see in the entire Minecraft world. Creepers are the bane of the vanilla Minecraft. However, with the use of the new Creeperade Mod in the game, you will not only eliminate the annoying Creepers, but you can also use them to your advantage.


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