CraftingCraft Mod is a mod that makes crafting some items a whole lot easier. To follow recipes and create items, you need a crafting table to make everything work. Now while these tables are not hard to come by, they do limit your crafting tasks as you have to wait until you have these available before you can do anything. This is where CraftingCraft Mod comes in. What it basically does is equip you with a portable crafting table that is a lot easier to set up than any other vanilla types. That means you can easily start crafting whenever and wherever you need to get the job done.

CraftingCraft Mod

CraftingCraft Mod

CraftingCraft Mod 1.12.2 and 1.11.2 implements a portable crafting table that provides a 3×3 grid interface that can be used to start creating most of the basic items in Minecraft. While this mod works well on its own, using it with its companion mod Crafting Tweaks unleashes its full potential. The features delivered by Crafting Tweaks make creating items much easier so you can complete the process a lot quicker. With the combined features implemented by these two mods, they can certainly be hailed as the dynamic duo of crafting in the world of Minecraft.

CraftingCraft ModThe mod also delivers another useful implement which is the Stone Crafting Table. This table lets you save your progress even after resources run out while crafting. So, if you have always wanted to have more freedom when it comes to crafting items in Minecraft, then this mod is perfect for you. Installation is easy as it follows the same process as other mods. CraftingCraft Mod is forge-based so make sure you have this installed. Once you have it, download the mod version compatible with your current client. Transfer the .zip files downloaded to the ‘mods’ folder and you are all set to go.


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