CraftGuide Mod 1.12.2 and 1.11.2 provides a quick access to a huge list of every crafting recipe available in the latest version of Minecraft. Because Minecraft is a game about crafting, there are literally dozens of different recipes, maybe even hundreds if a player has a few mods installed. Having a recipe book around would help to expedite crafting and teach newer players how to make the various things they can craft with the materials they have on hand.


CraftGuide Mod 1.12.2 was created as a result of how useful Risugami’s RecipeBook is, but how quickly it became a hassle to navigate once you have a hundred pages at the time. RecipeBook has improved greatly since then, though. It requires you to create the crafting guide before using. In order to do that, you will just need to add a piece of paper in the corners as well as fill the edges with books. Moreover, you can add the ability to open it without having to use an item, which might come in handy as well.

CraftGuide Mod
Ever wanted to find out what you could do with your seemingly useless materials? Ever forgotten how to craft something intricate in Minecraft? This mod is for you. When other mods are installed, Craftguide mod even includes recipes for the new items included in those mods. It’s a crazy useful tool for novice and veteran Minecraft players alike because it expedites all crafting in the game. Unlike traditional books in Minecraft 1.12.2 and 1.11.2 which must be flipped through a page at a time by pressing the right or left buttons while reading the book, the CraftGuide recipe book can be scrolled through with a mouse wheel, making it easy and fast for players to find the recipes they want, when they want to find them. Naturally, once players get a recipe memorized, they won’t need to look it up again.

It’s very simple to use. Follow this recipe to create a Crafting Guide.

CraftGuide Mod

Right click the Crafting Guide, and voila! Every single recipe in Minecraft. With handy, detailed explanations as to what each item or block can do! The bottom of the list has vanilla Minecraft furnace recipes. You can scale the window to suit your needs. The immense list is easily navigable with the scroll bar, shift and the scroll bar, arrow keys, page up/down, home, or the buttons in the window! Also, you can search for specific items or blocks if you are trying to figure out a recipe or if you need a use for an item. Items that show a * in the top corner mean that any variation of that item will be accepted. For example, wool color or wood type can easily be switched around sometimes. Items with a small F in the top left corner mean that they are in the Forge ore dictionary. This means that certain mods can use items like copper and tin in their recipes, while still accepting any defined interchangeable resources from different mods. Pretty useful, huh?

CraftGuide Mod
CraftGuide Mod

Update Logs:

  • Bugfixes.
  • Theme cycle button.
  • Itemlist NBT support.
  • Now also has LiteLoader version.
  • Improved BuildCraft, IC², and Extended Workbench compatibility.
  • Better support for .lang files.
  • Config page!.
  • Resource packs have more control over item appearance (default icon tinted blue directly rather than in code).
  • Updated compatibility with IC2 and GregTech.
  • Added more GregTech machines.
  • Fixed more bugs.
  • Uses that item name thingy so that it won’t be lost when updating to Minecraft 1.7.


  1. every single Mod on this website claims to have 1.10 but then just says, not updated yet, THEN DONT SAY YOU HAVE IT, STOP CLICKBAITING

  2. This site is nothing but forgery, lies, and an ad express for those without ad blockers. They lie about versions (e.g. 1.9 ready!) when in reality there are hardly any 1.9 mods. If you see this, and you’re of sound intelligence and comprehension, avoid this site 100%.

  3. Im just going to assume that since the only download available is for 1.7.10 I should stay away from it despite the title suggesting it is for the new versions. Only thing I hate about modding Minecraft, all these damn different versions. Never know what’s going to break your game >.<


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